10 Holiday Shopping Money Saving Tips Every Mom Needs to Know!

Thanks so much to Annabelle from the blog Wunderlabel for sharing all her holiday shopping money savings tips with us!

Tis the season and that means it’s time to give gifts to all your family and friends. However, that ache in your wallet can be relieved a bit when it comes to buying presents and preparing.

Before you get your bows and tags out, there are some holiday shopping money savings tips that we have for you save the very most money this season! In this article, make sure to give every tip serious consideration. It’s the little changes to spending habits that make a big impact on your wallet.

10 Holiday Shopping Money Saving TIps Every Mom Needs to Know! 10 Holiday Shopping Money Saving TIps Every Mom Needs to Know!

1.Create a Budget

The first thing you should do is outline a budget. This includes how much money you can and can’t spend. Get as specific as possible. All the way down to as how much money you want to spend per person.

This budget is your baseline and you need to be able to refer to it as you shop, so don’t make it and forget about it.


2.Make a List

This part is just like grocery shopping – make a list and don’t stray from it. This cuts down on extra, unnecessary spending and purchasing. Don’t stray from your list if you can and you will cut down on unneeded costs.


3.Order Online

You can also save money by ordering online. Not only are there certain savings online, there are also plugins you can use that will automatically put in coupon codes for you.

Online shopping is also a great way to save money and stay on budget because you can see your cart and total as you go along, making it easier to track your budget rather than trying to remember the prices of everything as you go.

(Brittany here!) Don’t forget to sign up to use Earny to automatically get cash back if the price of your online purchase goes down. Earny does all the work for you!


4.Pay in Cash

If you don’t order online, though, try paying in cash only. This helps you to have a hard limit to stop you from going over budget. It also stops you from pulling out a credit card, which is a fast way to rack up debt over the holidays.


5.Meaning Over Money

When you are trying to buy gifts, it’s easy to try and buy everyone the biggest showstopper. However, that not only adds a competitive edge to the holidays but also hurts your wallet.

Instead, don’t be afraid of smaller, more meaningful gifts. Your friends and family will appreciate the thought behind it and your budget will stay intact.


6.Cut Down on Extras While You Shop

This tip is more about what you do while you shop rather than how you shop. It’s easy to be out shopping all day and want to grab a coffee or lunch. However, consider this in your budget. If you don’t have the extra money for it, it might be better to eat before you hit the shops or pack a snack (or even lunch) for the road.


7.Do a Secret Santa

A secret Santa is a fantastic way for everyone to save money. Rather than buying everyone in your group of adults a gift, each person only has to buy one thing for one person. This is especially helpful to college students who may want to celebrate Christmas with friends for the first time but don’t have a lot of money.


8.Buy Gifts a Little at a Time

Don’t buy your gifts in one big shopping trip either. Instead, purchase them a little at a time as they go on sale or as you have the extra cash. This will also cut down on stress levels of trying to tackle all your shopping at once.


9.Watch for Sales

This one is a no-brainer. If you find your gift for someone on sale and you can afford it – get it. Especially around the holidays, stores can be generous with their sale prices. Take advantage of this if it’ll save you a dime or two.

(Brittany here!) I just wanted to pop in and remind you guys about my very favorite apps for watching sales! 

  • Shoptagr is the perfect app and plugin that tracks price drops on items you have an eye on and will notify you as soon as that happens. I went over it in detail in my Back to School Savings post.
  • I talk about Ibotta all the time and that is because it is my very favorite rebate app for in-store AND online shopping because it is super simple and their choices for rewards are the best! If you are new to Ibotta, you can sign up using this code: qybjrj and after you claim your first rebate you will automatically get $10!


10. DIY Christmas Gifts

Sure, you could buy gifts, but you can make easy and cheap DIY Christmas gifts. Presents handmade with love are the best kind. There is a homemade gift idea here for everyone. Think how your family or friends would be moved and love it if they know you put so much time and effort into their gift. Easy-sew Christmas gifts, easy gift idea with free printable tags, favorite Christmas cookies or painted mugs are some of the ideas that you can consider.  


Thanks again Annabelle for sharing these great holiday shopping money saving tips with us! You guys all know how much I love using cash! 

What is your favorite money saving tip for the holidays? Share in down in the comments! Thanks for stopping in and I will talk to you soon! xoxo


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  • Tracy
    December 24, 2017 at 2:59 am

    Christmas 2016 was a mess. Over budget, crap (I mean, toys) everywhere… by Easter I had already donated/sold off some of the kids Christmas gifts because they just weren’t getting played with (and/or they were driving me bananas with annoying sounds or millions of pieces everywhere). For 2017 I started an Amazon Wish List for each kid early in the year and when I saw something I thought the kids would like or if they pointed something out I would pop it on my list. Occasionally, as a treat, I let my 5 year old sit with me and add gifts he would like to his Wish List. (He had fun daydreaming and it helped curb the non-stop requests for things while in the store.) I regularly went through the list and re-evaluated. Do I still think this is a good idea? Do they already have something similar? Are they now over that character/toy? I added & removed items all year so that by October I had a solid list of good ideas, and then I watched and waited for deals. It was a great way to be intentional & smart about children’s gifts. “Would they like this?” is NOT the first question I ask myself when picking toys for kids because the reality is that they would like 99% of the toys at the store, at least for the first hour, but that doesn’t mean it is a good investment. Instead I asked myself, “Is this how they like to play?”, “Will this be a toy they grab often?”, “Does this challenge them in new ways developmentally?”, and “Is this how I like them to play?” I know that kind of toys my kids will always default to; for my kids it’s building, imaginative play and creative play/crafts. I know they will like everything I bought for them this year, so it meets their criteria… but it always meets all of Mommy & Daddy’s criteria.

    • Brittany Cooper
      January 6, 2018 at 2:33 am

      What an awesome idea!!! I’m totally going to do this! It’s going to help with last minute gift ideas! Thank you so much for sharing!!

  • smoretraiolit
    May 8, 2020 at 1:53 pm

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