Gift Guide for a Frugalista

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Chances are if you are reading this article you are a frugalista yourself. Am I right? Not sure if you classify?

You might be a frugalista if you get giddy about finding an awesome deal, can’t stand the thought of paying full price for something, or just overall want to save some money! If you want to live on a budget but still live a fabulous life with beautiful décor, cute clothes, and eat delicious food, all while paying less, you are a frugalista! Is that you? Maybe someone on your Christmas list this year?

Then this is the perfect gift guide for you! I am definitely a frugalista and this gift guide is exactly what I will be passing out to anyone who is wondering what to give me for Christmas this year. (You are welcome hubby!)

Perfect Gift Guide for the Frugalista - If you or someone you know love saving money then this gift guide is exactly what you need! Perfect gift guide for anyone who loves to save money!

So whether you are shopping for others or giving out ideas for others to buy for you, this gift guide is something you will want to pass on! Make it really easy for everyone and just copy the link to this webpage, paste it in an email, and start checking things off you holiday to-do list!

There have been so many years that have gone by where I really didn’t know what I wanted for Christmas and searched and searched for ideas. I have put together this gift guide to make your holiday season a little less stressful and a lot more enjoyable!

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Don’t forget before you get shopping, Amazon has an amazing deal with their Amazon Prime Membership. FREE shipping on so many things and you can have up to three different addresses on one account!

Christmas Gift Guide for a Frugalista

Money Making Mom Book
Cash Envelope Wallet
Coupon binder
Cute Reusable Lunchbox
Kitchen Aid Mixer & Attachments
Painting / Refinishing Kit

Money Making Mom Book
I cannot wait to start reading this book! If you go to moneymakingmombook.com you can read the first chapter. Once you do, you will understand why any frugalista that is looking to make some extra cash NEEDS this book! You can find it on her website or get it here as well. From the reviews that I have read, Crystal Paine does a fantastic job of inspiring and motivating anyone who is looking to make more money!

Cash Envelope
One thing that has always kept us on budget is doing a cash envelope system for our spending. When you have something cute to organize that cash like this fabulous cash envelope wallet, you are going to be excited about using it! Adding this to your gift guide this year is not only practical but it can be fashionable as well.

A new planner! Am I the only one who gets excited about a new planner? When you are trying to live frugal and fabulous it is necessary to be organized. A new planner like this one is the perfect way to get the hundreds of to-dos in order making those crazy days a lot easier to handle.

Coupon binder
Not all frugalistas are couponers but if you are then you understand the value of having something reliable to organize your coupons. Having a nice sturdy coupon binder like this one is fantastic! If you think you don’t have time to coupon then you need to see how I only spend about 15-30 minutes each week and save $100s each month with Casual Couponing.

Did you follow along the Living Well Spending Zero 31 day challenge from livingingwellspendingless.com? We did it this last October and it was amazing! You can read about why our family decided to do a spending freeze here.

We saved over $500 and it gave us a great jumpstart on our journey to buying a house in two years! I am SO excited to read this book so I can get more details on how to use a spending freeze to save even more money! You can find Ruth Soukup’s book right here!

Cute Lunchbox
When you are on a budget and would rather spend your hard earned money on something other than fast food, you will love using a cute lunchbox like this one to pack up your lunch. Of coarse it needs to be cute so you will actually want to use it! If you don’t use it then it turns into a complete waste of money! And stop hitting up the drive thru already! 

Kitchen Aid Mixer & Attachments
Making your own food is all in the fun of being a frugalista! Creating gourmet creations for pennies is one of my favorite ways to live frugal and fabulous! I have a similar Kitchen Aid Mixer as this one. The one we bought was also refurbished, you save almost $100 and it has worked perfectly for me over the last 9 years since we got it! This one needs to be on your gift guide this year! Breads, cookies, shredding chicken, cakes, pizza dough, I could go on and on about what I use my mixer for.

Don’t forget about the attachments! There are a lot of attachments for this mixer but my very favorite are the ice cream maker and pasta cutter. Have you ever tried fresh pasta? The taste is so wonderful, it doesn’t even compare to store bought and it isn’t hard to make! Especially if you have this attachment.

Painting Kit & Sander
DIY is the cheapest way to having beautiful, high end furniture in your home. The top two tools I use when it comes to DIY are my paint brush and a sander! You will use both of these things on almost every project you do, guaranteed!

Tip: I want to pass on a little tip one of my awesome friends gave me, get a sander with a square face. That way you can buy whichever brand sandpaper you want as long as it comes in the sheets. If you buy a sander with a circle or tear drop shape, you will end up paying more to buy the special size of paper. 

Now I know that giving cash as a gift isn’t very exciting. But receiving cash as a frugalista is fantastic! When you are on the hunt for the very best deal on things like furniture you will need to be searching out the garage sales, online classifieds, and local swap meets. Cash talks with this kind of business. So you can’t go wrong with having cash on your frugalista gift guide!

To help make your cash last a little longer, here are some tips on how to Save and Sell Big on Craigslist.How to Save and Sell Big on Craigslist


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