Minute To Win It Christmas Games – Dollar Tree Edition

Ready for something new to do this Christmas?

Every year when the family gets together it is no doubt always special. All the yummy recipes, card games, and just sitting around chatting are all classics.

How about starting a new Christmas tradition this year?

Here are 7 super fun Minute To Win It Games, Christmas Edition. With the bonus of all the supplies either found already at home or at the Dollar Tree! These Minute to Win It Games will entertain every one in your family all night and won’t cost you much more than a couple bucks spent at the Dollar Tree!

Have you ever seen the TV game show Minute To Win It? It’s pretty hilarious! All of these game ideas that I am sharing with you are based off the same idea.

You have 60 seconds to complete several different Minute To Win It challenges. What’s special about these games are they are all Christmas themed.

BONUS! All the supplies you need for these games either, you probably already have them sitting around your house, or can be picked up with a quick stop at the dollar store.

What’s so great about these Minute To Wit It games is that they are perfect for everyone! The age of the challengers is irrelevant! Everyone can play!

I would love to hear what you think about these games and I would especially love to see any pictures of your family playing! Make sure to tag me on Instagram @PenniesIntoPearls so we can all see the fun!

All 7 of these Minute To Win It Games were a huge hit with my family. I hope your family has just as much fun!

Merry Christmas! Talk to you Pearls soon! Xoxo


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