Our 15 Minute Budget Routine

Today I am sharing our 15 minute budget routine. I’m going to walk you through what our bi-weekly budget routine actually looks like. I’m also going to show you what it looks like when I am paying all our bills and making sure there is cash in the bank! 

If you need help making your budgeting process a real routine then you’re going to LOVE this! 

These are the 6 steps to our budget routine. We set up a budget date every two weeks when hubby gets paid. I’m sharing the 6 steps to our budget routine.


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Our 6 Step Budget Routine


1) Put it on the calendar! 

We have a recurring event on our shared calendar on Google. Every 2 weeks it’s already on the calendar, so we know it’s payday and that I need to make sure all the bills for that pay period are taken care of. 

Another thing that we do is sit down together on this day and just make sure we are on the same page about the budget and where that money is going. 


2) Make it “special”

This might sound a little silly, but it’s a step that I swear by. I always like to light a candle where we sit down to look at the budget. This actually really helps alleviate the stress that can come along with budgeting itself and figuring out where the money is going to be going. 

You could also do something like snuggle up on the couch together, play relaxing music or any other thing that would make it more enjoyable for you because budgeting is usually not on the top of people’s lists of things they enjoy doing. 


3) Create the budget

I look and make sure all the bills are cleared from last month in the bank. This is just to really make sure we don’t get overdraft fees if something hasn’t cleared yet. 

I always make sure that I work on the budget when the kids are sleeping, doing nap time or when all three kids are at school. I don’t like working on this at night when my brain is tired. 

We work on the budget through text messages a lot of times because of our schedules but this really works well for us. 


4) Look at Budget for Upcoming Pay Period

We copy and paste the same budget template every month, but we always make edits where need be. I will text hubby and check in with him asking if there is any expenses he has coming up that aren’t a regular part of the budget so we can make a clear plan for it. 

We also look at the calendar to see if there are any events like birthdays, holidays or school expenses that might be coming up, we want to make sure to plan for it as far in advance as possible.

I also keep a running list in my phone of things that we need, so if there are 


5) Pay the Bills

I make sure to get the bills paid of course while I am sitting down for this budget update. Even if it’s before a due date, if it’s payday I am paying bills. This really helps us to stay on track and not overspend especially since the money will come out of our account rather quickly. 


6) Put Money in Savings

We set money aside for refilling our propane tank, upcoming expenses like car expenses or kids activities and general savings too. 

I hope you find this helpful and I would love to hear how you structure your budget routine to make sure you’re paying the things you need to, and saving! And also, how do you make this fun with your spouse?





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