Where to Get Free Pallets

You can never have enough free pallet wood, in my opinion. If I could have an entire garage or some sort of storage area where I could just fill it with pallets, that would be amazing!

When I very first started working with pallet wood I ran into a question that I think a few of you might be wondering yourself, “where to get free pallets?”

Useful tips on Where to Get Free Pallets. Plus, three rules on what to do when you find free pallets. Where to find free pallets.

3 Rules of Where to Get Free Pallets

1. Look in commercial neighborhoods

Commercial neighborhoods are those areas of town where there are only business buildings. The very best commercial neighborhoods for figuring out where to get free pallets are blocks that consist of landscape and construction businesses.

When I found our TWENTY free pallets to build our pallet wood raised garden beds, it was a landscape company that was happy to let us take our pick.

2. Take a look at online classifieds

A second place where to get free pallets would be your local online classifieds. My personal favorite is Craigslist.org. You can search the free section for the word “pallet” and if there is anyone trying to get rid of some pallets, they will be ready for you to pick them up!

 3. You need to ask

Just like you were told in kindergarten, you need to ask before you take something. The same rule applies to finding free pallets. Just because a business has a stack of pallets sitting out in the ally doesn’t mean that they are free for the taking.

All you have to do is peek your head into the main office and simply ask if they want to get rid of any of their pallets. A lot of times, companies have to pay someone to haul them away. So they might be very happy to have you do it for free!

How to take apart a pallet

Pallet Wood Projects

Are you ready for your next pallet wood project that you can make with your free pallet wood you just found? Here are a few of my favorite pallet wood tutorials I have put together for you.

$3 Pallet Wood Picture Holder
Priceless Pallet Wood Picture Holder - penniesintopearls.com - #pallet #palletproject #palletwood #frugalprojects #frugal
Pallet Wood Hearts
Pallet Hearts Featured
Pallet Wood Birdhouse

Pallet Wood Birdhouse - penniesintopearls.com - Complete plans on how to make your own birdhouse out of scrap wood you already have, no matter what size.

Have fun!



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