The Ultimate Time Saver for Meal Planning

I only cooked once this month, but we ate a home cooked meal almost every night throughout the entire month!

The daily dinner prep in our house has gone a little something like this. Wake up, pull a meal out of the freezer and plop it in the slow cooker. About 6-8 hours later, dinner is ready and I haven’t stepped foot in the kitchen all day! Keep reading to find out how this could be you!

Why haven’t I started this earlier!?! Meal planning doesn’t get any easier then this! This completely customizable meal plan comes with organized grocery lists, step-by-step prep, cooking, and freezing instructions. Hassle free weeknights are waiting for you!

Did you know that for most families the number one area where they can cut back their expenses is in their food spending. I’m betting that if you sat down and actually figured out how much you spent on food last month you will be shocked!

When we did this exact examination I was literally sick to my stomach to find how much we were spending on food! I thought that we were pretty frugal. I thought that we ate out maybe once a week. I was so wrong!

When you aren’t keeping track of your spending and have a “guess” of what you are actually spending, chances are you have no idea what is going on in your bank account.

You can read this article on How to Start a Budget if this way of thinking feels at all familiar to you.

Good news! There is hope! Meal planning is the solution to your problem. Here are a few different articles I have written to help you get started with meal planning.

Cut your Grocery Bill in Half with Monthly Meal Planning - penniesintopearls.com - 3 Simple steps to monthly meal planning. It's not hard and you will save a lot of money!

Monthly Meal Planning FREE printable. Easy steps to cut your grocery bill in half by simply starting monthly meal planning. Three reasons I can not stop talking about meal planning!


You won’t want to skip reading these because I am sure they will cut your food spending by at least 50%! That’s a lot of money you could be spending on something else!

There is a little trick to eating at home without cooking every day… it’s called freezer cooking. I know it’s not anything revolutionary or even brand new. But trust me when I say it is going to save your sanity!

To make this process even easier for you, there is this fantastic website called OnceAMonthMeals.com. They do all the planning for you!

Trying to compile an entire months worth of recipes on your own can be a little overwhelming. What if you could get everything you needed for planning your entire month’s meals with just one click?

That’s what OnceAMonthMeals.com does for you. Recipes, organized shopping lists, food prep lists, cooking lists, and even freezer labels!

You can sign up for Once A Month Meals right here.

It can be completely customizable to accommodate any picky eaters in your family. Have a big family? You can change the serving size of any recipe.

Trying to loose weight? Choose the diet menu and you will be able to find plenty of delicious recipes that are catered to your needs. Plus, each recipe provides the nutritional facts for you.

Here is what you will see with each menu:

  • Shopping list – separated by category making grocery shopping a synch
  • Prep list- Dice, chop, and cut all ingredients at once to help you save time
  • Cooking list- Streamline cooking instructions to minimize time in the kitchen
  • Recipe cards- Easy to follow and simple to make recipes           
  • Printable labels- Making your meal planning for daily dinners so easy
  • Thaw sheet- Quick reference on how to thaw each meal

They do all the work of meal planning for you! All you need to do is decide which one of their monthly menus sounds tasty and consider the planning finished!

In a nutshell, think of Once A Month Meals as the perfect solution for the non-meal planner to simply tackle monthly meal planning.

Check out Once A Month Meals right here and start saving more money today!

I can guarantee, if you stick to Once A Month Meals for your monthly meals, you WILL save a tone of money on your food budget!

What get’s you most excited about monthly meal planning? The potential for saving so much money is what I love! Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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Plan an entire months worth of meals in under 15 minutes! Here is the Ultimate Time Saver for Meal Planning that is going to save you hundreds each month!


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