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How to Make Waffles from Scratch

Does your family love waffles for breakfast? I think my kids would eat them every morning if I would let them. It has kind of become a tradition in our home that once a week or so when dad is home in the mornings that he will make the family waffles for breakfast.

In the past few weeks, the hubby has actually stepped up his game quite a bit! It all started when one Saturday morning we all woke up to find that our waffle mix had been depleted. It was all gone!


These homemade waffles are so yummy! No need to use a box mix when you can use this super easy recipe! These fluffy waffles make the best breakfast and are so much better than the premade kind from the store! You can even freeze these waffles for later!


Once the moment of panic was gone, my hubby decided he was going to make waffles from scratch. I had done it before, my parents love to make waffles from scratch, and so I was excited to see what he could do! He did an amazing job!

I am happy to report that we no longer buy waffle mix and every time that dad makes “his” breakfast for us he creates waffles from scratch!

Light and Fluffy Waffles from Scratch - penniesintopearls.com - use this recipe for waffles from scratch to make the very best waffles ever! Way easier then you think and they turn out light and fluffy every time! Continue Reading →