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Freezing Fruit for Smoothies

We love smoothies in our house! It doesn’t matter what time of the year, we will always eat them. You might find us huddled around our kitchen table wrapped up in layers of sweatshirts and blankets because we are freezing. It doesn’t matter what the temperature is outside, we will keep drinking this frozen treat!

One of the reasons it is a constant in our home is because I love that my kids will actually be eating something healthy! My kids are uber-picky eaters and feeding them smoothies is one way I can easily get some nutrition into their little bellies.

Here is a recipe for one of our very favorite smoothies!

The hard thing about this is that frozen fruit can be super expensive! Not only is the price hard to handle sometimes but the flavor of store bought frozen fruit is not always wonderful. The solution, start freezing fruit on your own! You will save at least 50%!

How to freeze fruit so you can save more money on your groceries! This method on how to freeze fruit, saves me over 50% on frozen fruit! Perfect solution on how to freeze strawberries for smoothies!
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Healthy Tropical Smoothie Recipe

Who says you need a super fancy vacation to feel like you are on a tropical island? Maybe if you whip up this smoothie then go sit out on your porch, close your eyes, you just might start to get the feeling like you are on a tropical getaway. Okay, let’s be real. Probably not. Sorry. But I can promise you it’s going to taste exotic and will keep you nice and cool!

Smoothies are the perfect option for a fresh, quick, and healthy breakfast… or lunch or dinner (in my case). Sometimes we end up having smoothies for two meals in one day!

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