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Family Savings Plan Update November 2015

Have you read about our family’s plan to buy a house in two years? We are really excited about our future and want to share everything we learn with you!

There are so many things that need to be done before we are ready. Two of the main items of business are 1. Paying off our debt and 2. Saving for a down payment.

In order to accomplish those goals we are going to need and be super creative on ways to live frugal and fabulous! My hope is that by sharing our family savings plan successes and failures, you can learn from our experience, which will make the process a lot more smooth and easier for you!

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Our Plan to Buy A House in Two Years

Our family has made a major commitment this month! It is time for us to buckle down. We have set goals in the past, but nothing ever as big as the goal we are making today!

Goal: Buy a house in two years!
October 5th, 2015. Mark this day as the first day in our journey to buying our very first home! Does that get you excited as much as it get’s us excited?

You can do it too! Have you been wanting to buy your first home but haven’t felt like you could do it! I know you can! Let’s do it together!

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