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10 Recipes from the Fair to Enjoy at Home

Does your family love to go to your local or county state fair? What is your favorite thing to do once you get there? I have to admit that my very favorite thing about going is eating all of the delicious fair food!

It’s like a sensory overload for your nose as soon as you get close the entrance. Between all of the brats grilling and everything else being deep fried it is hard to keep my appetite under control!

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Teriyaki Chicken Pineapple Bowl

I have been SO excited to share this recipe with you! I am always on the look out for yummy pineapple recipes since my family is in love with the fruit! Since I first made this over the top delicious meal, I knew that you would just love it!

What makes it so good? Other than the super fun way it is served, having the rice and chicken actually served in the pineapple adds an extra level of flavor. The rice soaks up the pineapple juice and becomes so tasty you will be scavenging for the very last grain!

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