The Secret to Meal Planning

SHHHHHHHHHH! I HAVE A BIG SECRET! I have a secret that is going to save you a TON of money! Ok.. so I have got my meal plan, I have my grocery list, but that is not even the big secret! All of these organizational tools are very important but…… YOU HAVE TO SHOP YOUR PANTRY FIRST!!!!

That is the secret that is going to save you money! This is also the secret that has helped my family stop spending over $1000 a month on FOOD!

Now, my grocery list that is provided in my meal plan on a budget membership, has everything I need to make 5 meals a week, all month. So now that I have my meal plan and grocery list printed off, I need to head to the kitchen and start shopping my pantry!

Now, take your list and start going through to see if you have any of the ingredients, already! Things always get pushed to the back of the pantry or sometimes they don’t get used when planned. Make sure nothing goes to waste!

Another tip for you, is to see if you can make any substitutions in the recipe for things you already have on hand. Have an abundance of penne pasta? Sub out whatever pasta the recipe calls for, out for penne. That saves you a whole dollar there! It adds up!

Over time, things start to build up in our pantry but, WE DONT HAVE ANYTHING TO MAKE MEALS WITH! Does that ever happen to you? Shop your pantry first, and make sure that doesn’t happen to you!

One last tip, make notes on what you are almost out of so you can make sure to add that to your list, or even if you see it on sale, go ahead and take that opportunity to stock up!

Watch Me Shop My Pantry!

I hope my little secret will serve you well. I know it seems like a lot of work, but if you shop your pantry first, it has the ability to save you some serious cash!

Talk to you soon!



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