Big Kid Quiet Time Boxes

I don’t know about you but sometimes we just need a quiet time, EVEN WITH BIG KIDS! Everyone needs their own space and their own quiet time to themselves. BUT, WITHOUT SCREENS! Over the past year we have found a really good system using these big kid quiet time boxes and we want to share these with you!

Our System

We have three plastic totes that the kids switch between everyday. In each tote, I like to make sure that there is at least one thing in each tote that will occupy each different age group. That way, there is always something interesting in the box, no matter what child has that box that day.

We have a paper spinner that we made at home that we will spin around each day to determine who gets each box. We also have these magnetic timers that stay on our microwave to time Quiet Time and Reading Time. Our kids do 30 minutes of reading and one hour of quiet time boxes each day.

Box #1

Marble Maze Ball
The kids love using the paint sticks with this thick line coloring book!

Box #2

Modeling Clay

Box #3

Quiet Time Boxes in Action!

Well! There ya go! I hope this helps you find some quiet time and gives your kids some good options for big kid quiet box activities WITHOUT SCREENS!

Talk to you soon!



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