Monthly Grocery Haul -Come Shop With ME!

Raise your hand if you also like looking into other shoppers carts while at the grocery store! I KNOW I cant be the only one! On my monthly grocery shopping trips, I love to see what other people are buying at the store!

Here at Pennies into Pearls we are all about loving FOOD! And we especially love food when it’s easy, nutritional, and affordable.

So… I put the call out on Instagram for some of you local friends to come join me shopping! ( Side note: Go grocery shopping with your girlfriends, ITS SO MUCH FUN!)

Anyways, we had a few of our friends join us and they had some of the best recommendations for us! I am going to take you with us on our monthly grocery haul at Costco!

May 2021 Grocery Picks

Okay, so one of our friends recommended the almond danishes from the Costco bakery. She said that her kids LOVED them. You get to pick out two packs of danishes for $9.99. Not bad for an easy breakfast or snack!

Another favorite were the Amylu chicken burgers. These are pretty good on nutrition and I think these would make a great, easy, healthy lunch!

If you need a fast, easy dinner option, we also had a friend recommend the Costco Garlic Chicken Stir-Fry. It is around $13 for two pounds. That’s easier and way more healthy then stopping for fast food, am I right?

My Costco Grocery Staples

As you guys know, I have LOTS of favorites at Costco. After all, this is where I do my monthly grocery shopping every month. Some new things I decided to try out were the chicken burgers and the croissants. I got some frozen pizzas that we can add toppings to or the kids can have just plain cheese pizza on our “pantry nights”. I also picked up the most delicious tri-tip for Mother’s Day because ya know, TREAT YOURSELF!

Here are some of our Costco staples that I buy almost every month:

  • Dino Buddies chicken nuggets,
  • Dog food for our pup Hank
  • Hot dog buns to make some yummy sandwiches
  • Late July tortilla chips
  • Boneless skinless chicken breasts
  • Ground beef
  • All things cheese
  • Crackers

Come Shopping With Us!

We had so much fun today! I hope that in the future we can do more of these meet-up grocery shopping days! Where should we go next? Ive always wanted to go to Tennesee. Florida? Texas? But we will definently do one in San Diego again!

Meal Plan for May 2021

Don’t like meal planning? We also take care of that for you. I have a meal planning on a budget membership!!! That’s where I share my monthly meal plan, all the recipes, all the grocery lists, everything is accessed right there to help relieve stress! We also offer whole ingredient, low carb, and gluten free meal plans as well!

Well, I had fun chatting with you guys about our favorites from this monthly grocery haul. Find me on Youtube and Instagram where I share more tips on living your best life on less!

Talk to you soon!


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