5 Easy Freezer Breakfast Meals

How are your mornings going? Are they blissfully smooth with harp music playing in the background? Nope. Me either! That’s why I LOVE these easy freezer breakfast meals so much! They make our crazy busy mornings a little less chaotic! 


Taking just one morning about every two weeks to prep a bunch of easy freezer breakfast meals helps provide one less thing to think about, one less thing for the kids to need help with, and one less thing to stress about in the mornings!


In today’s post I’m sharing with you five easy freezer breakfast meals that my family has taste tested and loved! I know your family is going to love them too!

Do you need some make ahead freezer breakfast meals that still tasted great when they are reheated? Here are 5 easy freezer breakfast meal ideas that are kid tested and perfect on the go freezer breakfast meals.

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5 Easy Freezer Breakfast Meals



Make sure to watch the video because that is where you will see the minimal prep work that went into these easy freezer breakfast meals and also the best way to reheat the frozen meals to make sure they still taste delicious for your family. 


Click the link below to get the recipe. 


  1. Breakfast burritos
  2. Breakfast sandwiches
  3. Apple breakfast cookies
  4. Breakfast calzones
  5. Banana bread muffins or Healthy banana bread muffins (add one banana)


What are some of your favorite easy freezer breakfast meals? Let’s share and chat down in the comments! 


Talk to you soon! Xoxo



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