Our February 2019 Family Budget Update

Man it’s been a minute since we share our family budget update and holy cow a lot has happened since I last took you into our bank account! I have a lot to share with you this month!

I also really want to know what information I can share that would be most helpful for you and your family. So stick around and we can chat!

With all the extra holiday spending and budgeting behind us, it’s exciting to look to the New Year with new financial goals! Hubby and I in the process of sigging down with our Financial Unity Workbook and and planning our 2019 goals around what we currently value most for our family finances.

Starting a family budget doesn’t have to be restrictive! Look at it in a way that you are actually telling your money what to do rather than wondering where it went. Then not having enough to pay the bills… Stressful! Make sure to continuously check out my Instagram Stories for helpful budgeting tips!


Getting back on track after the holidays is HARD! The crazy thing is that it doesn’t stress me out at all! Starting a family budget doesn’t have to be restrictive! See how our family learns to budget every month.


In this month’s family budget update, I am going to walk you through all the numbers that went in and out of our family’s bank account and also share with you all our 2019 Financial Goals.

We share all the numbers in hopes of turning on some light bulbs to help you manage your family’s finances and set financial goals based off what you guys value most in life!

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The Game Changing Tool That Keeps Our Family On Budget Every Month!


$20,000 in debt, one income, overdraft fees every two weeks, and plenty of amazing dreams for our family that felt completely out of reach. Why couldn’t we stick with our budget? What were we doing wrong?

That is where hubby and I found ourselves back in 2011. I wish I could go back in time and give myself a giant hug and tell her that she is about to figure it all out!

Once we got our booties in gear we paid off our debt in less than one year, immediately started working towards saving to buy our first home. We made that dream a reality in almost exactly 12 months later!

Oh! We also celebrated our 10 year anniversary that year by taking a couples trip to Costa Rica that summer. Fully funded with cash!

I am talking about how we got our family finance in order and paid off $20k in debt and how there is hope for you too! I’m sharing my secrets and giving you a dose of serious motivation to get started with your family finances in 2019!

What dreams do you have for your family? How are you going to make them actually happen? Do you have a plan? How are you going to stick with it?

The key to sticking to a budget is to use cash! Remember that stuff? Seriously, cash is T-H-E single tool we use that has helped our family cut our food budget from $1,000 to only $400 a month!

It’s a simple idea but using a cash envelope system is exactly what we started using to get us on track. We saw immediate results and said goodbye to those overdraft fees!

It is statistically proven that when you use cash you spend less money. It is such a powerful visual reminder that the dollar number you are spending is coming from your pocket and not an imaginary never ending bank account.

Using a cash envelope system is exactly what keeps our family on track with our budget every single day! When using this system every dollar you pull out of your wallet is coming directly from a categorized budget. You visually see money leaving your pocket and that gets you thinking twice about your purchase.

“If I buy this now, I won’t have enough to buy _______ later.” You have to weigh your wants with your priorities.

Want to learn how to start a successful cash envelope system? I recently shared an online training on exactly that!

Step by step help on setting up your cash budget. Help you decide how much money you need. How to make it work with your unique pay schedule. How to manage it all between family members. What and what NOT to use cash for because not everything needs a cash budget. I’ll help you and your family switch the mindset from using your cards to using cash!


February 2019 Family Budget Update

See what happened to our budget last month. After you watch our family budget update, I would love to hear what information was useful to see and know if there is anything else that I can share that might be even more useful. Let me know by leaving a comment and I will be sure to give you a shout out in my next update!

New Insurance!

The most exciting news is that we switched homeowners and car insurance! Woo hoo!! Is that exciting? Totally!

It had been one year since we bought our house and it was time to renew our homeowners. I got a notice from our broker letting me know that he suggested upping our policy due to the recent fire activity we have had here in Southern California. It was inconvenient timing since it was during the busy holiday season, but I thought I would take a look at a company I hadn’t before. 

When we were in the process of buying our house, it was very difficult finding an insurance company that would even give me a quote. We live right across the street from the forest line which makes us high risk for fire hazard.

I thought that we would just get crazy high prices (which we eventually did), but I was surprised that about 75% of the companies I called wouldn’t even give me a quote! Crazy! 

Since my hubby’s grandfather was a member with USAA, I knew we had the opportunity to enroll with them. Sure enough, they gave me a quote! What’s even better, it was going to save us $648 a year! YES!!!! Hallelujah! 

Not only are we savings hundreds a year, we also have better coverage than we did before! Double win!!

Since I was already on the phone and they already had my info pulled up I decided to ask about car insurance. We have a lot of cars… Two drivers and four cars.

We ended up switching our insurance over to USAA because for an additional $40 a month above what we were currently paying, our coverage was exponentially better! We pretty much just had liability before, now we have full coverage on every car we own. So awesome!

Though I think this summer I will shop around for other car insurance quotes because a lot of our Pearls on Instagram mentioned to me that they found it cheaper elsewhere. So I’ll have to report back on that.

Free Money!

Am I the only one that lets a pile of mail build up on the counter in the kitchen? It was about to hit an all time record in height closing in on a good four, maybe five, inches tall!

It was time, I took it over the the table and slowly started going through it envelop by envelope. 

SURPRISE! My mouth literally fell open as I unwrapped a refund check from escrow for $1,722!! Holy cow! What a surprise! I made a few phone calls to make sure that it wasn’t a mistake and sure enough, it was ours for the keeping!

We would have loved to put it into savings for something fun like a family trip, but there were a few expenses that needed to be taken care of. 

Our mini van was in dire need of new tires. Big time! Like scary how bad they were! So we used $460 to buy new tires.

Next up we had an unexpectedly high bill propane that needed to be paid. Talk about being blessed! The check came just a few days after getting our crazy bill! So we used $647 to pay that baby off.

Then with what was left we used it to get ahead on money to pay for gas. 

Though we didn’t get to spend the check on anything exciting, we did feel extremely blessed to have this check come at just the right time to pay all these expenses!

FREE Financial Planner Kit for Couples

Before you go, have you heard about the workbook and exact system that hubby and I used to do our long term planning. This is how we turn our dreams into reality!

I know that sounds cheesy but it is 100% true! If you don’t make a plan now to achieve what you really want in life, it won’t happen!

Talk to you soon! xoxo


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