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Homemade Wheat Tortillas

Have you ever been to a really awesome Mexican restaurant where they are making fresh tortillas right there in front of everyone? Living in San Diego there are more than a few of these tasty places and I cannot get enough of them!

There are a couple in Old Town San Diego where they are actually set up making them right off the side of the sidewalk. You can walk up and buy a stack of 4 fresh tortillas for about $1-$2. I can’t quite remember. But it is a fun treat to buy.

Well the last couple weeks I have been dreaming about fresh tortillas. I bought one of those big packs at Costco and maybe it’s my pregnant taste buds but they just didn’t taste that spectacular. So I set off to make my own for the first time.

Homemade Wheat Tortillas - penniesintopearls.com - Easy recipe to make delicious homemade wheat tortillas. You won't ever want to buy tortillas again! Continue Reading →