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$7 XO Valentines Wreath

This project is brought to you by my Pinterest addiction! I saw this idea floating around probably a whole year ago and there it sits in my Valentines board since then. As I was perusing trying to figure out what I would do to festive up my home for the lovely holiday, I decided this is the year I was going to make it!

I clicked the link and… nothing! I searched and searched the ginormous world of the internet to find the original tutorial where the photo could be found and nope! I couldn’t find it. I had to venture this one on my own! It’s a very simple project but thought I would put together a tutorial so you other ladies could create your own. But, if anyone does know where to find the original, please let me know so I can give credit where credit is due. You know!

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14 Loving Days of Valentine Gifts

Do you know anyone that wouldn’t want 14 days of gifts? I don’t! I have always wanted to make Valentines Day a little extra special for my hubby, maybe extend the holiday a little. This is the year! I decided to pull together 14 different small acts or gifts to show him that I love him. Starting on February 1st he will get one simple gift that I will surprise him with until Valentines day on the 14th. Continue Reading →


Taking At-Home Movie Night to the Next Level

For my hubby and myself, it can be easy to get caught up in the same “at home movie date night” routine with our, definitely not normal, schedules. My husband’s job leaves us with “weekends” not on the weekends and “nights” not necessarily at night. So, we make the best of it and take a date night whenever we can! This takes some creativity!

When babysitters aren’t available our go to date-night-in is a fun movie night! I’m sure your thinking, “Big deal! That’s not very creative!” Well here are two simple things you can do to take your movie nights to the next level.

At-Home Movie Night Next Level

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Cent Savvy Strawberry Chocolate Kabobs

When I am thinking about Valentine treats the very first thing that pops into my head is chocolate and strawberries. When those two are put together, there really isn’t much more I need (other than my Valentine of course).

Cent Savvy Strawberry Chocolate Kabobs

Cent Savvy Strawberry Chocolate Kabobs

This simple take on strawberries takes a different direction from the always appreciated chocolate covered strawberries. Instead of having the strawberries take the chocolate plunge, it was fun to tweak this treat a little and offer a different kind of Valentines treat. Continue Reading →


Lovely Valentines Free Printables

I really do love Valentines Day! I didn’t used to be like that. You know, when your single the day can kind of be a bit of a drag. But one day I realized that the day doesn’t have to be about “romance” it can be about a general love! The love you have for family and the love you have for your friends. Having this mindset makes all the difference! 

Today I am really excited to share with you some free Valentines printables I made just for you guys! They are all about celebrating love! This is just a small collection of some of my favorite quotes that refer to love and your heart.

Love Printables Collage

Printables are one my favorite frugal ways to transition your décor with each season or holiday! It doesn’t get much cheaper than free, add a super cute frame you have sitting around your house and you are set! I already have one of these sweet hearts up in the front room of our house.

 Free Printables Featured

You can download your favorite or all of them, by simply clicking on the title above the picture. Have fun prettying up your home (for less than pennies) for Valentines Day!

Love One Another

Love Printable John1334



Love Your Choice
Love Printable Pres. Monson

With all Thine Heart

Love Printable Proverbs 3 5

True Love

Love Printable Elder Holland

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