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Gourmet S’mores 3 Ways in 30 Seconds

There is one very specific flavor combination that screams SUMMER TIME!

Let me give you some clues as to what I am talking about.

Perfectly toasted mallow, dreamy smooth, drip off down your fingers melted chocolate, topped off with the crisp bite of the graham.

Have you been transported into the middle of summer yet? You guessed it! We are going to be dreaming about s’mores today!

BEST Quick Gourmet S'mores Recipe! Two ingredients and 30 seconds is all you need for this tasty gourmet s'mores recipe! Continue Reading →


S’mores Cookie Bars

Tis the season for s’mores and I am not complaining one bit! What is it about the combination of grahams, toasted marshmallow, and melted chocolate that just works to perfectly? I might be convinced that you can throw these three ingredients together in any form and it’s going to turn out perfectly!

The only problem I find with a traditional s’more is that they are crazy messy and you need a fire to get them correctly assembled. We don’t have a fire pit at our house but I do wish we did. So I find myself wishing for a s’more quite often.

Anyways, to find a solution to my flameless dilemma is to create a s’mores recipe that includes all the amazing flavors but combined into a cookie bar.

S'mores Cookie Bars - penniesintopearls.com - Easy s'mores recipe made with all your favorite s'mores ingredients! Prep only takes 10 minutes! Continue Reading →