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Carmelita Brownies Recipe

If you haven’t had an opportunity to experience a carmelita in your life yet, I am so sorry! Do you know what they are? It’s a bar cookie starting with a layer of buttery flakey oatmeal type cookie. Then comes a solid layer of gooey caramel, followed by a sheet of melted chocolate, and topped off with another layer of cookie. To die for right?

Well guess what! I wanted to add something to this recipe to make it even more insanely delicious. Introducing the carmelita brownie. It has all of the amazingly decadent layers as stated before but we are throwing in two more layers of brownie!

Carmelita Brownies - penniesintopearls.com - Taking your already amazing carmelita recipe to the next level. Adding an extra two layers of decadent brownies tops all other desserts! Continue Reading →