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How a Budget Can Strengthen Your Marriage

It happens to almost everyone… You decide it’s time to sit down and look over your bank account and your budget. Both you and your sweetie are dreading the conversation because you just know that it is going to end in a high intensity discussion and you would rather cuddle up and watch a movie on the couch.

Although I wasn’t able to specifically pin down a cold-hard statistic on how financial issues influence marriage, I think it is safe to say that financial problems are one of the highest influences when it comes to marital disagreements.

But guess what! Going over your budget doesn’t have to involve a yelling match. We all know we should never yell in our homes. Right?

How a Budget Can Strengthen Your Marriage - penniesintopearls.com - 3 tips in budgeting that will help you strengthen your marriage. Easy things every couple should be doing with a budget to help strengthen their marriage. Continue Reading →


4 Financial Conversations to Have Before You Get Married

Congratulations! Getting married is one of the biggest achievements in a person’s life. You have put a lot of thought, time and love into this big decision. But have you thought that you need to put a similar effort into your soon to be combined finances? Before you get married there are a few financial conversations you should have.

If you are already married, congratulations to you too! Maybe you have already gone over these topics and are totally on top of your financial game. Don’t write these conversations off! It’s always a great idea to keep these topics at the center of your finances to make sure you are always on the same page.

4 Financial Conversations Before You Get Married - penniesintopearls.com - before you get married make sure that you chat over these four financial topics! Continue Reading →