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3 Tips on How to Stain Wood Furniture

Have you every tried staining a piece of furniture before? The entire idea of how to stain wood furniture was very intimidating for me. Painting, not as much. But the idea of using something as permanent as a stain frightened me a bit.

I am here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be scary! It’s a great way to add life to an old piece of furniture and may actually be a lot easier then painting!

After finding this adorable little table for FREE online I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. The decision was made to learn how to stain wood furniture so I could use an outdoor stain and put the cute thing on my teeny tiny front porch.

I am here today to share with you what I learned on how to stain wood furniture. In an effort to help you avoid a few mistakes I made and save you the time.
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Thrift Store Finds – Dainty Side Table

I know I have told you before but I just love going thrift store shopping on Mondays! If I miss a Monday I get a little depressed. Just ask my hubby! Well… this last trip was one of those golden thrift store shopping trips! I found a large set of cooking dishes, some cute books for the kiddos, a couple vintage books for a different project, and this cute little thing!

I didn’t even know I needed it but as soon as I saw it sitting all by itself I knew just where I was going to put it! Our living room has a nice big comfy chair but no end table anywhere nearby but not a lot of space for one. So this cutie was the perfect solution!

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Coffee Table Makeover

Have you guys heard about an amazing blog called Refashionably Late? It is absolutely frugal fabulous! Ruth does such a perfect job of making over furniture and  she has so many wonderful DIY furniture refinish and repurposing projects all over her blog. After you read this guest post from her you really need to go check her out! Thank you so much Ruthie for popping in and sharing this beyond cute project!

Coffee Table Makeover

Here she is: 

coffee table makeover

First off, thank you to Brittany for having me guest post on Pennies Into Pearls today! I’m super excited to get to know her followers and share my love for furniture restoration and DIY projects! If you like what you see please come check out my blog, Refashionably Late!

So a little bit about me, I am a huge Craigslist addict! I love to find deals on items and what I love even more is finding FREE items on Craigslist! Craigslist can be hit or miss but if you wait patiently you’ll find some really great stuff! Something I discovered a couple months ago was Craigslist email alerts. You can sign up an account and have Craigslist email you when a specific item you are looking for becomes available. For more details regarding Craigslist alerts go to one of my favorite blogs, Gwen at The Makerista.

coffee table makeover

The Details
Anyways….I scored this little gem on Craigslist for free!! How awesome is that!? Now it’s not terrible to start with, but it does need a little TLC. The vinyl was peeling a little and there were some scuffs and dings. I started with sanding the table with my electric sander and smoothing the edges with regular sand paper.

Once it was finished I dusted it all off and taped off the strip of lighter wood on the top of the table. I used Frog Tape because I find that to be the best when trying to make straight lines with no bleeding paint. I wanted to stain that section a darker color once I finished painting the rest of the table.
coffee table makeover

I’m a huge fan of spray paint, especially for primer, and it’s even better when the paint is primer and paint in one! I gave the table 3 coats of one of my favorite colors, Valspar Indigo Streamer. I gave the table an hour or so to dry in between coats. The can says you can recoat at any time though. I like to see how it dries before applying another coat because wet paint can be deceiving.
coffee table makeover

I let the blue paint dry over night to make sure when I removed the line that I had a nice straight line with no runs. Unfortunately, some dust got under one section of the paint so it painted over the lighter wood stripe. I was actually okay with it because I was starting to think I’d like it to be painted white. I put the frog tape on either side of the stripe and began painting it white. I did 3 coats of white with a light sand in between the 2nd and 3rd coat to ensure it had a nice, smooth finish. 
coffee table makeover

I removed the tape and it looks amazing! I’m super happy with how it turned out! Also….always do a couple coats of polyurethane on top of your projects. Especially furniture that will endure lots of traffic! I think coffee tables might fall under that category! 😉
coffee table makeover

Coffee Table Makeover

It was totally meant to be that the dust got under the tape which allowed the blue spray paint to leak! I am loving the white stripe! I can see this piece in a bachelors pad but I’m kind of loving it in my living room! I’m a little obsessed with the color blue lately and love accenting my home with all different shades of blue.

This isn’t my first table makeover, check out two of my previous makeovers on the blog! I gave my kitchen table a face lift with some paint and stenciling on top! I also turned an old coffee table into a beautiful large ottoman! I would love for you to stop by and say hello and while your at it check out my other projects in my project gallery! 🙂

Thanks Brittany for having me today! I’m a big fan of your work and so thankful to have contributed to your blog! Have a great day everyone!