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Crispy Homemade Chicken Nuggets

Why in the world is feeding kids so dang hard? You think you are making their very favorite meal in the world only to find out, today, today it’s the most repulsive meal on the planet!

Ugh! #TheStruggleIsReal

There is one meal thought that is almost a guarantee win in our house. That would be chicken nuggets. The problem is our family will go through those bags of store bought chicken nuggets so quick and they aren’t cheap! Not to mention I’m not exactly sure what they are made of…

Perfect recipe for Homemade Chicken Nuggets. They come out crispy and are exactly the chicken nuggets recipe that the kids have been asking for. Continue Reading →

Gourmet S’mores 3 Ways in 30 Seconds

There is one very specific flavor combination that screams SUMMER TIME!

Let me give you some clues as to what I am talking about.

Perfectly toasted mallow, dreamy smooth, drip off down your fingers melted chocolate, topped off with the crisp bite of the graham.

Have you been transported into the middle of summer yet? You guessed it! We are going to be dreaming about s’mores today!

BEST Quick Gourmet S'mores Recipe! Two ingredients and 30 seconds is all you need for this tasty gourmet s'mores recipe! Continue Reading →


Doubletree Cookie Recipe

This is not your average chocolate chip cookie people! This Doubletree cookie recipe has two ingredients that I can guarantee you didn’t use last time you made a batch of chocolate chip cookies.

I think Doubletree hotels did their research when they were trying to figure out what exactly they could to create a “welcome home” feel. Did you know that they greet each guest with a fresh baked cookie! They have won me over for sure!

The BEST Doubletree Cookie Recipe I have ever tasted! Easy to make and is now my all time favorite Doubletree Cookie Copycat Recipe and best chocolate chip cookie recipe! Continue Reading →


Easy Caramel Popcorn Recipe

In one of our local malls there is a popcorn shop that is conveniently placed near the main entrance. Whoever chose that location is a marketing master! As soon as you walk into the mall you are overwhelmingly welcomed with the sweet aroma of caramel popcorn! You have to exercise your maximum level of will power to walk past without venturing in to buy a bag of caramel popcorn.

The only reason I can pass on the purchase is because I know that I can go home and make an easy caramel popcorn recipe for probably a tenth of the price! Popped popcorn is one of the most overly priced snacks you can buy. Not to mention, when you make this homemade caramel popcorn recipe you will find that the flavor is far above anything you could ever buy at a mall!

Easy Homemade Caramel Popcorn -penniesintopearls.com - This recipe for easy caramel popcorn really is easy and tastes perfect! This crunchy homemade caramel popcorn recipe is the best! Continue Reading →

Crispy Homemade Chicken Nuggets

Perfectly crisp without being fried and deliciously marinated to perfection. This homemade chicken nuggets recipe is going to be leaving your family asking for seconds all while saving you time and money!

I first made these a few years ago when my little lady was about 2 years old. We both love the taste of chicken nuggets and I especially love the convenience of the finger food. But the nutritional value of the store bought frozen ones just wasn’t up to par with what we hoped for.

Crispy Homemade Chicken Nuggets - penniesintopearls.com - Easy to make and perfect to freeze homemade chicken nuggets. Perfect recipe for a quick lunch or quick dinner. Continue Reading →

10 Recipes from the Fair to Enjoy at Home

Does your family love to go to your local or county state fair? What is your favorite thing to do once you get there? I have to admit that my very favorite thing about going is eating all of the delicious fair food!

It’s like a sensory overload for your nose as soon as you get close the entrance. Between all of the brats grilling and everything else being deep fried it is hard to keep my appetite under control!

Fair Food Recipes for at Home - penniesintopearls.com - 10 of the tastiest fair food recipes for you to make at home all year long! All the best flavors for the fair for at home. Continue Reading →