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$5 DIY Photo Canvas

One of my very favorite things to do is find something in a store that I really really want but there is no way I could afford it. Well, I guess that’s not the fun part. The fun part comes when I go home and figure out a way to make that same thing for way less!

This was such an easy and cheap DIY photo canvas tutorial!  I've been wanting a big canvas of my family but they are so pricey.  This was such a simple DIY photo canvas and I love fun picture crafts!

That’s the case here with creating your own DIY photo canvas. This project is super straight forward and simple. I was able to make this entire project for only $5!

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How to Make Fabric Pumpkins

Where you able to jump in on my LIVE craft party we had last week? It was SO much fun! If you don’t already then you will definitely want to follow me on Periscope so you don’t miss out next time!

You can do that by going here periscope.tv/penniestopearls and clicking the follow button. It is a free app that you can get on your phone, so don’t worry about that! Not only do I do monthly LIVE craft parties on there but I share daily frugal fabulous tips and we all get to chat while I’m doing it. Super fun!

So on last weeks broadcast craft party we I shared with you how to make fabric pumpkins just like these ones. They are super super easy to make and don’t take a lot of time at all!

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How to Make Your Thrift Store Finds Match

Paint is your best friend when it comes to making your thrift store finds match. If you are in the market for something in particular like office organizers or kitchen décor, there will pretty much always be a good selection at a thrift store but chances are they aren’t going to match. A very easy solution is to paint! Let’s use the example of these boring old vases.

When you walk into our local Salvation Army thrift store the first thing you are sure to spot are vases, vases, and more vases! There is literally an entire row dedicated to glass vases and table settings. Sometimes, the selection even leeks over into a second row! My guess is that this is not unique to our particular local thrift store.

I have been to a “few” thrift stores in my day and it is pretty much a 100% guarantee that you will be able to find a nice selection of vases. You can also find them at the dollar store but at a thrift store you will have a lot more of a selection when it comes to the style.

Painted Glass Vases Pin - penniesintopearls.com - Tips on the easiest and cheapest way to get all of your thrift store finds to match. Come see how easy it can be! Continue Reading →


How to Make a Birdhouse From Scrap Wood

If you have been a frugal fabulous reader for a little while here you might be starting to understand my love for pallet wood. It’s free wood! It is a little bit of work to get that pallet taken apart (here is my video tutorial on how to take apart a pallet) but it is more than worth it. It’s not only free but the wood is so beautiful with so much character.

Okay, I’ll stop obsessing now.

My front porch is seriously lacking in the “welcome, come on in” vibe and with spring and summer in the air I thought making a cute little birdhouse out of some left over pallet wood was a perfect start for an update. Not only does this simple décor item look super cute this time of year but can be updated with some fall leaves or Christmas lights later on in the year.Pallet Wood Birdhouse - penniesintopearls.com - Complete plans on how to make your own birdhouse out of scrap wood you already have, no matter what size.

Are you for me to show you how to make a birdhouse of your very own? I hope so! This project is way easy to make and with this tutorial you will be able to make it with any size scrap wood you have laying around.

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Fancy & Frugal Felt Flowers

One of my favorite things I love to use in my home for decorations are fresh flowers! They are just so beautiful no matter what type they are. The problem is they are a little pricey for something that only lasts about 7 days.

I came up with the solution! Why not make my own fancy flowers and why not make them felt flowers! There are so many color options these days and the fabric itself is super cheap! There are so many different possibilities when it comes to the flower style or type. To make this entire bouquet only cost me about $2! Your not going to find that deal at your local floral shop, guaranteed!

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