Organize These 3 Things to Save Money

This is a topic I hope to be sharing more about, organization! It would be a dream to have my house one day look like those beautiful Pinterest photos of every little thing living in their perfect little spot.

My house is nowhere near that, but one day it will happen! Baby steps.

Are you obsessed with organizing? Or is that something you want to work on in the New Year? Did you know that the more you keep things organized the more you can save money?

#3 is what I need help with. Organize these three things to save money. Simple tips on 3 things you can organize to save money.

It’s kinda a simple concept. Keep things organized so you know what you already have and you won’t end up buying double or extra things you don’t need. Do this and you will save money!

I know you want to save money so why not give this a try? Start by organizing just these three areas of your life and let’s see how much money you can save!

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3 Things to Organize to Save Money

Your Purse or Diaper Bag
Keep your purse (or diaper bag in my current phase of life) organized and you will know exactly what you have on hand and won’t end up buying multiples. As a result, wasting away your hard earn moo-la!

I can’t even count how many times I have bought an extra chapstick thinking I lost mine, only to find a secret stash at the bottom of my bag weeks later.

Finding ways to keep things in place is key to keeping your bag organized!

3 Tips for Organizing Your Bag. I didn't even know tip #2 existed! Super helpful tips for organizing my diaper bag.

Tips for organizing your diaper bag or purse

  1. Finding a diaper bag or purse that has a lot of pockets and dividers is the most helpful tip when it comes to organizing! 
  2. You can buy a diaper bag insert like this one and transform your backpack or purse into a well organized machine! (Thanks Lirio for the tip!) 
  3. I also love to keep one of these small file folders in my diaper bag to keep all my receipts, coupons, and cash envelopes in one simple organized space. 

My favorite thing about my new diaper bag from Lily Jade is all of the pockets! It’s this simple feature that brings my wanna-be organizing heart so much joy!

Your Pantry
Cutting back on grocery spending is usually the number one place most families can save money. Before you start any sort of meal planning the very first thing you need to do is take inventory of your pantry. If you keep your pantry organized, this process is going to be much easier.

Making sure that you aren’t buying an extra ingredient, like a can of diced tomatoes, when you already have five in the pantry, is going to save you money on your groceries for sure.

You can read about tips on how to start weekly meal planning here or if you’re ready to save even more money, then you have to read how our family cut our grocery bill in half just by monthly meal planning! I get so excited talking about it!

Your Closets
Do you feel as guilty as I do when it comes to a cluttered closet? I recently went through our hall closets and did some heavy duty organizing. You can see how we organized on a budget here. You don’t need the expensive bins and baskets to make your house look pretty and organized.

By keeping your closets organized you are going to save money by again, knowing what you have on hand and not buying duplicates. I know for our family, by simply organizing our closets I have limited myself on the little Target “dollar spot” toys I buy for the kids. Our closet was overflowing with these. Yikes!

Organizing WILL save you money!
It might sound like pennies, but I have realized that as I slowly start to organize my life in little ways, the money seems to stay in my account much longer! Do you want to save money? Try organizing these three things, your pantry, your closets, and your purse, and see how this simple idea helps you save money!

What is your favorite way to organize that saves you money? Let me know in the comments below. Talk to you soon!

*Beautiful photo credit on first photo to Ashley Ella Design  Thanks!


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