5 Thoughtful But Cheap Date Ideas

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When was the last time you and your hubby went out on a date? Is it taking you a while to come up with an answer to the question?

Then it’s definitely time!

Here are FIVE cheap date ideas that require almost zero planning or work. If you want to go out or stay at home, you are going to love these date ideas. Bets are that you haven’t tried any of these unique and cheap date ideas yet!

What’s keeping you from going out just the two of you? Is it finding a babysitter, paying a babysitter, nothing to do, or maybe it’s hard to just find the time?

No matter your excuse, I think I have some pretty fun and cheap date ideas that will help you get out of your dating rut.

5 Thoughtful but Cheap Date Ideas

1. This first idea is actually a bunch of ideas rolled into one suggestion. Have you ever visited The Dating Divas website? If you haven’t, they are an online mecca for creative date ideas that come all pre-planned and designed.

All their ideas are centered around the idea of “strengthening marriages one date at a time.” Each date packet comes with crazy cute printables that help you prep your date night in less than a couple minutes!

The best part is that a lot of their creative and cheap date pre-planned packets can be printed out for under $10!

Hubby and I have done The Dating Divas 30 day love challenges before and we had so much fun coming up with extra special little ways each day to show our love for each other.

Click on this link here and you can go see for yourself what fun ideas they have all ready planned out for you.

2. I have to say that when it comes to special occasions, hubby and I are pretty creative when it comes to ditching the norm of dinner and a movie date nights. You better believe we always find amazing deals to go along with the amazing night!

One of my favorites was when we went on a walking food tour of Coronado, Ca. Has anyone ever done a walking food tour before?

Pretty much, with the help of a “food tour director”, you walk from restaurant to restaurant and get to sample one of their most popular dishes. The food can range from a full on main course, to dessert, to a fancy appetizer. It’s the best if you like delicious food!

They are becoming more and more popular in most major cities and what’s even better is that a lot of times you can find crazy deals for them on Groupon. We found a two for one deal. We only paid the price of one person and we both got to get our grub on!

Using Groupon is one of our very favorite ways to try out new things without the fear of being ripped off because you are already getting a smoking deal! If you are new to Groupon, you can sign up by using this link.

3. Speaking of food… maybe you don’t feel like going out? Taking an online cooking class is a super fun way to spice it up in the kitchen!

Make sure that you are taking turns with the knife and don’t be afraid to get a little silly. There are so many resources online that make pulling this date off a synch!

One way would be to purchase a course through Craftsy.com. There are endless groups of classes on any culinary subject, Thai, baking, vegan, Indian, really anything! There are plenty to choose from that are $20 and under.

The courses are a compilation of mini classes, which might make it fun to set aside one night a month dedicated to your “foodie date night”. You can find which course is calling your taste buds by clicking this link.

Another option would be to look up your favorite dish on YouTube and follow along in the kitchen, making the date night almost free! You will probably need to hit up the grocery store before you make it to the kitchen.

4. Learning new skills as a couple is super romantic! There is something about feeling a little vulnerable and unsure of yourself in front of someone who you thought you knew everything about!

Don’t be afraid to try out something new, like painting perhaps. Making your way back to Craftsy.com you can thumb through beginners courses on all types of artistic skill.

I actually used this idea for a class for women at my church once. In order to know what to expect, hubby and I tried it out as a date night. It was not a surprise that his artistic ability was far above mine. But it was a blast to just sit next to him and see him rock it out on the canvas.

Take a look at which art class you and your love want to try out by clicking this link.

5. What about an at home “Top Chef” of “Cupcake Wars” competition? Why are most of my cheap date ideas based around food? Maybe I’m hungry…

But really, we all have to eat right? Who doesn’t love food?

Preparation for this at home date night is simple. You each gather a basket of random cooking ingredients in a basket (or box) for each other. Try not to be too difficult. You are going to be the taste tester, after all.

Set the timer for one hour, switch baskets, and see who can create the most tasty meal or dessert.

When the hours up, sit down to a nicely set table and enjoy the night together.

Which is your favorite?

Which one of these dates do you think you are going to try out first? What are your very favorite frugal or free date night ideas? Leave them down in the comments below!

Thanks for stopping in! I will talk to you Pearls later! Xoxo




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