Our Family Finance Rescue Story

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I know how it feels! The weight of all your financial worries makes you feel like you can barely tread water for one more second before your head goes under! You find it mind baffling that for some unknown TO YOU reason you can not stick to a budget even if your life depended on it.

I have totally felt that! Ugh! We lived that life for way too long! Before hubby and I started having kids we were out of control with our spending. We had zero savings. Overdraft fees looked like a recurring charge on our bank statements. We would set “budgets”. Nope! We didn’t stick to them for more than three days max!

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I am talking about how we got our family finance in order and paid off $20k in debt and how there is hope for you too! I’m sharing my secrets and giving you a dose of serious motivation to get started with your family finances in 2019!

Dreams Unrealized

We had a decent income with nothing to show for it. Hubby and I also had big dreams! We had dreams of owning our own home and one day I could quit my job and become a stay at home mom.

The problem was we were standing in our own way! There was no way either of those dreams were going to happen if we kept living the way we were. No way! The good news is we figured it out!

That is what I want to teach you! How YOU can figure out your own family finance rescue plan!

Getting our Finances in Order

Slowly we picked up good financial habits that helped us create a life where I was able to quit my job, we got out of over $20,000 in debt in just one year, and quickly saved enough money to buy our first house just one year after becoming debt free!

Not to mention our amazing couples trip to Costa Rica we were able to sneak in along the way!

Everything we learned in those agonizing six years of trial and error are laid out systematically in my eCourse 30 Day Family Finance Rescue. By the time you are finished with this course, in just four weeks, you are going to have a solid foundation for your financial future!

You know what’s crazy? What we learned wasn’t anything mind blowing. There isn’t a secret formula locked inside a titanium box, hidden deep in an unknown cave somewhere. But it was confusing and it was absolutely scary!

It can feel very overwhelming when you are trying to navigate it all on your own. When trying to get your finances under control, there are so many questions that race through your mind and the fear of uncertainty in each of those decision is unnerving.

Unless, you have someone holding your hand, taking you step by step showing you what needs to happen right now, what’s next, and how to set things up for the future! That’s exactly what you’re going to find here at Pennies Into Pearls!

Maybe you can relate to the mistakes I’ve made in the past …

Do you:

  • Get to the end of the month without enough money for rent?
  • Start a budget and stick to it for about… 3 minutes?
  • Struggle to get on the same page as your spouse?
  • End up in a financial hole after the holidays, and have trouble recovering?

30 Day Family Finance Rescue WILL benefit you and your family if you’re struggling with the above or any other budgeting challenge. I want to help you step out of fear and lack of control, and move into power.

The Game Changing Tool That Keeps Our Family On Budget Every Month!

What dreams do you have for your family? How are you going to make them actually happen? Do you have a plan? How are you going to stick with it?

The key to sticking to a budget is to use cash! Remember that stuff? Seriously, cash is T-H-E single tool we use that has helped our family cut our food budget from $1,000 to only $400 a month!

It’s a simple idea but using a cash envelope system is exactly what we started using to get us on track. We saw immediate results and said goodbye to those overdraft fees!

It is statistically proven that when you use cash you spend less money. It is such a powerful visual reminder that the dollar number you are spending is coming from your pocket and not an imaginary never ending bank account.

I am talking about how we got our family finance in order and paid off $20k in debt and how there is hope for you too! I’m sharing my secrets and giving you a dose of serious motivation to get started with your family finances in 2019!

Using a cash envelope system is exactly what keeps our family on track with our budget every single day!

When using this system every dollar you pull out of your wallet is coming directly from a categorized budget. You visually see money leaving your pocket and that gets you thinking twice about your purchase.

“If I buy this now, I won’t have enough to buy _______ later.” You have to weigh your wants with your priorities.

Want to learn how to start a successful cash envelope system? Tonight and next week join me for my LIVE webinar about exactly THAT.  I’ll be doing several free LIVE trainings!

Step by step help on setting up your cash budget. Help you decide how much money you need. How to make it work with your unique pay schedule. How to manage it all between family members. What and what NOT to use cash for because not everything needs a cash budget. I’ll help you and your family switch the mindset from using your cards to using cash!

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You Can Do This!

You got this! I don’t have a fancy pants financial degree and you don’t need one either to get this figured out! Stop living life in fear and one paycheck at a time, and take control of your money in 2019. I promise you that you can have a life and live on a budget at the same time!

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