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10 Holiday Shopping Money Saving Tips Every Mom Needs to Know!

Thanks so much to Annabelle from the blog Wunderlabel for sharing all her holiday shopping money savings tips with us!

Tis the season and that means it’s time to give gifts to all your family and friends. However, that ache in your wallet can be relieved a bit when it comes to buying presents and preparing.

Before you get your bows and tags out, there are some holiday shopping money savings tips that we have for you save the very most money this season! In this article, make sure to give every tip serious consideration. It’s the little changes to spending habits that make a big impact on your wallet.

10 Holiday Shopping Money Saving TIps Every Mom Needs to Know! 10 Holiday Shopping Money Saving TIps Every Mom Needs to Know! Continue Reading →


November 2017 Meal Plan & Grocery Haul | Grocery Shopping on a Budget

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When you are grocery shopping on a budget, navigating the grocery world can become redundant and boring. Mindlessly walking through the aisles, buying the same boring food that you did last time.

That’s why I personally LOVE seeing what other families put on their meal plans and what products they choose when they shop at places like Costco.

This month our goals in grocery shopping on a budget were to try our best to stay away from foods that were overly processed and stick with products that contained more natural ingredients. All while sticking to our monthly grocery shopping budget of $300.

$400 November 2017 Monthly Meal Plan | How to Meal Plan on a Budget Continue Reading →


November 2016 One Income Family Budget Update

Figuring out a family budget can be super challenging, especially if you are just getting started.

The hardest part for our family when we were just getting started was learning that we need to continually be adjusting our budget to make it fit with our changing life.

This month our family budget is the perfect example of that. We made a few temporary changes based off of what we currently value the most.

Tell your money where you want it to go with this FREE family budget worksheet printable AND FREE digital excel spreadsheet download. Take a look at the real life finances of a one income family budget to help you fine-tune your own family’s budget! Continue Reading →


A Shopaholic’s Guide to Becoming Debt Free – First Ever Book Club Party Announcement!

I have a fun idea for us to hang out!

What do you think about once a week, we get together, eat something super tasty, pretend like we don’t care how many calories we are devouring, and all the while we have some heavy (in a fun way!) girl talk going on!?

The chitchat will all be centered on a few chapters taken from the current book that we are obsessing over.

Doesn’t that sound super fun! I’m a lot excited about it! What a great way for us to better get to know each other?

Our first book is THE PERFECT read for someone who needs a heavy dose of shopaholic’s anonymous! It’s for someone whose desire to spend is borderline addiction.

You need to break the pattern of endless online shopping and figure out how to pay off debt quickly so you can get your financial freedom back! Fresh air! Actionable steps you can take today to get out debt and take back control of your spending! Continue Reading →


When You Suffer from Budget Burnout

There once was a day, a day before I really knew what a budget actually was, where I felt ready to slam-dunk my budget in the trashcan at the end of the month! I was SO over it! Sticking to a budget had become exhausting and I felt like I was living a very limited life. Have you ever felt like that?

Do you want to know the secret to avoiding budget burnout? When I say that I don’t get burnt out anymore, I am not lying! I want to share with you my secret so you can say the same thing!

The secret to avoiding budget burnout isn’t complicated and it’s actually going to make you very happy! The secret is to budget to have fun!

The secret to NEVER suffering from budget burnout ever again! This is how to keep your life fun while still living on a budget. Continue Reading →

Family Savings Plan Update November 2015

Have you read about our family’s plan to buy a house in two years? We are really excited about our future and want to share everything we learn with you!

There are so many things that need to be done before we are ready. Two of the main items of business are 1. Paying off our debt and 2. Saving for a down payment.

In order to accomplish those goals we are going to need and be super creative on ways to live frugal and fabulous! My hope is that by sharing our family savings plan successes and failures, you can learn from our experience, which will make the process a lot more smooth and easier for you!

Family Savings Plan Update November 2015 - penniesintopearls.com - Real life family savings plan. Learn from our successes and mistakes. Learn tips and tricks to starting your own family savings plan. Continue Reading →

Teaching Kids About Money by Saying “No!”

“No” is just a part of life. It’s not the fun part and can be a hard lesson for our little (or big) kiddos to learn. As a parent, it can be hard to be the one teaching this lesson.

But we want the best for our kids and our family, sometimes that can mean we have to say no. I’m not sure anyone likes to tell their kids no. It’s definitely not my favorite.

But here’s the thing. If we want to be teaching kids about money then we need to teach them about self-control, especially when it comes to your budget.

Teaching Kids About Money - penniesintopearls.com - 3 tips on how to be teaching kids about money. Saying no will help in teaching kids about money/ Continue Reading →


Get Your Shine On Link Party – Summer Is Not Over!


What’s going on!?

How is your summer going? Notice that I am not saying that it is over? I deny deny deny that summer is over until the temps dip below 70. (Which here, that could be well into October) I just don’t want it to end!

Anyways. Just a recap of a few of my favorite post memories that I stumbled upon this week. Do you remember any of these…

This pineapple bowl is not only beautiful but one of the tastiest meals I have ever made! In fact, I think this might be what I make next time we have guests over! Who wants to come over!?

Pineapple Bowl Teriyaki Chicken
Teriyaki Chicken Pineapple Bowl - penniesintopearls.com - Yummy pineapple recipes and fun fair food recipe

And while the weather is still beautiful maybe we should make it a goal to get outside every weekend! What do you think? This article is perfect to have fun without spending money!

20 Fugal and Fun Outdoor Activities
20 Frugal and Fun Outdoor Activities - penniesintopearls.com - Get your family outside this spring and summer and enjoy these frugal and fun outdoor activities for the entire family.

Okay! Who is ready to party?


Happy September, everyone! Welcome back to another week at the Get Your Shine On party. This week, Donella from Glue Sticks and Gumdrops has chosen her favorite links for her absolute favorite school subject: science! Before we get to the features, make sure you’re following our social media accounts where we share many of your posts each week!

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This week’s features are all about fun science activities! Your kids will be delighted and amazed with these fun experiments and crafts.

circuitbugs5Circuit Bugs from Steam Powered Family

Summer-Science-4-500x500Top 10 Summer Science Experiments for Kids by The Science Kiddo

LEGO-Learning-Science-projectsLego Science by Brain Power Boy

Please visit the original links to share and pin! Before we move on to the party, we have just a few rules.

Party Rules:

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