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Valentines Day is just a handful of days away and now is a great time to spend some extra special time with the kiddos! Word on the street is that most kids love to do crafts! I know that my almost 4 year old daughter could sit and paint, color, cut, or glue something all day long! You are also going to love the easy and cheap kids Valentine crafts!

So when I told her we were going to have a “crafting morning” and she got to do all of them, she was super excited! In fact, in the whole 5 minutes it took me to get all the materials together she asked me probably 10 times when we were going to start.

When I was deciding what crafts I thought my kids would like to do, of coarse I had to consider cost into the decision! All of these crafts each cost me $1 or less to make! That makes them all just that much better right! I will go more in detail if needed below but most of the supplies I bought at our local Joann’s fabric and crafts store and made sure to use my 40% off coupon! Never purchase anything from Joann’s without one! There is always a coupon you can use from a text, mail, or email. Just a reminder.

Here are the crafts we put together:

Painted “Love” Canvas

Kids Valentine Crafts Canvas Finished
I want to start by showing you my favorite project I made with the kids! Have you ever gone to buy a blank canvas from a craft store? Pri-cey! I thought, “Oh, well I will have a 40% coupon so it won’t cost very much!” Wrong! Even with almost half off, the thing still would have cost me $10. Now that’s not a bad deal but I was going for super cheap and $10 does not fit the criteria!

Then I remembered, I had a big sheet of foam still sitting in my garage! I decided I would cut a piece and use that as my canvas! The “big sheet of foam” that I am talking about is a ginormous piece I bought from Lowes that I think is meant for some kind of insulation. When I first bought it, the piece measured about 1 inch thick and 5 feet by 10 feet. (Picture me trying to put this huge thing in the back of my small little 4Runner! I had several people asking to help me!)

I first used this foam to make photo canvases but had a bunch leftover. Solution to my canvas problem for this project! I cut a piece about 20” x 35”. I sanded down the ruff edges that had been cut with a super fine grit sand paper. This actually worked better than I thought it would. Next, I taped out the message “LOVE” with blue painters tape I had on hand.

Now is the fun part! Just let the kids paint however they want! Both my almost 4 and almost 2 year old loved this! There were no rules except for “keep it on the canvas!” They did pretty well at following the rules! Once they finished, I just took the tape off and let it dry. Use whatever colors match your Valentines décor and it will fit right in and your kids will love that they got to help!

Kids Valentines Crafts Canvas Paint Kids Valentine Crafts Hearts Paint

Painted Hearts
I found these wood hearts at Joann’s for about $0.20 each. Used the exact same paint the kids were using for the canvas art project and let them take charge. Again with this project both my kiddos could participate. I did have to give a little more guidance for my almost 2 year old (And no, I won’t say he is 2 until the day he turns 2. He is my baby!)

Kids Valentine Crafts Hearts Paint Kids Valentine Crafts Hearts Paint 2

After the hearts were completely dry I hot glued them onto some wood skewers (from my kitchen) and stuck them in the middle of a bouquet of flowers. Simple and matched perfect with our canvas!

Dot Heart Bag

Kids Valentine Crafts Dot Bag Finish
First let me explain that my daughter has an obsession with bags! Little, big, fancy, or plain she loves them all! She loves to pretend she is shopping and fills them to the top and carries them around the house “shopping”. I know we are in big trouble in the future! Anyways, that is how I new that this was a perfect craft for my sweet girl!

Kids Valentine Crafts Dot Bag Painting 1 Kids Valentine Crafts Dot Bag Painting 2

Simple again! I found this burlap bag at Joann’s for about $2 but used my coupon and got it for just about $1! Similar to this one. We used some fabric paint that I had also found at the same store. To create, I just cutout a heart on cardstock and tapped the back to the bag with some of the blue painters tape I was talking about earlier. Then set out some paint and showed her how to use the eraser end of a pencil as a stamp. That’s all it took and she took control. Needless to say she loved how the bag turned out!

Kids Valentine Crafts Dot Bag Paint Finish

Decorate Cookies

Kids Valentine Sugar Cookies
So this one really isn’t a “craft” but it is a great Valentine (or any holiday) activity to do with the kids! You can make it as hands on as you want. If you are feeling ambitious place some naked cookies, frosting, and sprinkles in front of your little ones and let them have at it. Or maybe take a more modest route and frost them yourself then pass them on to your kids to decorate with sprinkles. Easy, cheap and fun! If you are looking for The Best Sugar Cookie Recipe Ever, then you will definitely want to try this one out!

I love holidays for many reasons but the number one reason has to be that it is a reminder to me to slow down and spend some quality time with my family. A little sad that I need the reminder, I know. But the reality is, I need it. I try daily to do better at this and these were some great ideas and moments to spend with my kids! I hope you have just as much fun with your kids putting together these crafts as we did!

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  • Susan
    February 12, 2015 at 11:35 am

    I miss the days of making Valentine’s with my kiddos. But I could easily talk my teen daughters into making your adorable heart bags. Thanks for sharing at the This Is How We Roll Link Party at Organized 31.

    • Brittany Cooper
      February 12, 2015 at 5:19 pm

      It is a lot of fun doing crafts with my kids! Maybe a little more work but definitely fun 😉 Thanks for stopping by Susand and thanks for the inspirational party!