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November 2019 Grocery Haul

Does the thought of feeding your family seem like an endless task. Well… you’re right. As long as you are alive, this will most likely be your responsibility for anyone under your roof. The good news is that I have a monthly meal plan that will help lower your stress!

Not only do I have my monthly meal plan for November to share with you, but I am also showing you what it looks like to shop all of the month’s groceries in one morning!

When you meal plan for a large family it’s easy to go over budget. Here is how you can meal plan on a budget for a large family and still eat really tasty food that everyone in the family will love. Continue Reading →


October 2019 Whole 30 Meal Plan for Families

You’re motivated! You have your entire month’s worth of whole 30 meal plan ready for your family. This is going to be awesome! You’re family is going to be SO HEALTHY!

And then you sit down for the first meal and reality sets in. None of your kids will even try dinner…

Holy frustrating! Right?

In this month’s whole 30 meal plan I made sure to choose not only budget friendly meals, but are recipes that either your family will love as is or are easily adaptable to accommodate any picky eaters. 


Whole 30 Meal Planning VIDEO giving you tips on how to eat healthy as a family showing you how to not only plan budget friendly meals, but pick healthy recipes that either your family will love as is or are easily adaptable to accommodate any picky eaters. FREE PRINTABLE meal plan with links to whole 30 recipes Continue Reading →


One Trick to FINALLY Stop Overspending

I just realized that I have never shared this hack with you before! Are you ready to learn the trick to finally stop overspending each month? 

Today’s video is short and sweet, but I think you’re going to really get a lot out of it. Because our trick to not overspend is…. Drum roll…


One Trick to Stop Overspending


One Trick to Stop Overspending NOW


Wait no longer, here is the tip. When we need something, I write it on a list and wait for our monthly grocery haul. Yep… that’s it! It seems so simple but I don’t think a lot of people do this. It does definitely take work to stick to this. 

Here is an example. It’s embarrassing what mine and Kennedy’s hair brushes look like. It’s been something we’ve needed to upgrade for a while but it keeps getting bumped to the bottom of the list. You know why? Priorities. 

We had hair brushes that worked okay, so we didn’t see the value in buying new ones at the time. We put our money towards our other values

Which brings me to wondering, have you figured out your value based budget yet? I would love for you to join myself and a community of like minded Pearls in 30 Day Family Finance Rescue. We are going to go way beyond this one tip and teach you how to figure out your own unique values and base your budget on those. Are you in? 



How We Store a Month of Groceries in a Tiny Kitchen

Have you ever wondered how the heck I store a month of groceries in our home? Well Pearl, I’m letting you in on a few of my secrets in today’s monthly food storage post. 

I want you to know exactly how we store a months worth of groceries in our tiny home so you can be inspired to make room in your own home. Just to clarify to you, a monthly haul includes anything that can last in the fridge, freezer or pantry for 30 days!

These tips will work for anyone, even those with a small kitchen space, because as you can see in the video, we don’t have a PANTRY 😱! Real life, real life, real life, lol!


How we store a month of groceries Continue Reading →


September Meal Plan & Grocery Haul

This grocery shopping on a budget post is sponsored by Fetch Rewards. Thank you for supporting Pennies Into Pearls by using my links at no additional cost to you. 

It’s always a bit of a time commitment to do a whole month of grocery shopping on at budget at once, but I am SO glad I do it. This month was actually a little bit easier now that my two older kids are back in school. 

It’s still a little tiring however. 

So if it is so exhausting you might be wondering to yourself, “Then why do it?”

This VIDEO will show you what it looks like to go grocery shopping on a budget. This mom takes you grocery shopping with her and shows you every item they buy and how much each item costs. You will see this real life family grocery budget. Sponsored by Fetch Rewards. Continue Reading →


What We Eat in a Summer Day

I can’t believe the Summer is almost over! We’ve been having such a blast this year enjoying the weather, getting outside and spending quality time together! I am also happy to be sharing what we eat in a day over the Summer months with you.

With the kids being home everyday right now, you would think we would be blowing our grocery budget like crazy! But, we aren’t! We’ve been able to stay within our $500 a month budget for our family of 5!

Today, I want to take you along as I share what we eat throughout the whole day! You’ll be surprised at how simple and budget friendly our meals are! This allows us to spend our money more intentionally on things we value more (than the drive thru)!

We are sharing with you exactly what our family eats in a day on a budget. What we eat in a day will surprise you since our family food budget is only $500 for the entire month for our family of five!
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3 Steps to Conquer the Bills and Thrive Towards Your Dreams

Do you want to know how to once and for all end living paycheck to paycheck and take control of your family finances without the bondage of a budget?

Sounds pretty awesome, right?

This is exactly what our family has achieved over the last few years and I have put together all the steps to help you do the same thing in my brand new master class! But it is ONLY OPEN for a limited time!

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7 Exciting & Smart Ways to Spend Your Tax Return

Are you one of our lucky Pearls who is getting a refund from their taxes this year? Lucky! I bet you are so excited! I am excited for you! Do you already have plans on different ways to spend your tax return?

There is so much that you can do with that cash!

Would you mind me offering a few suggestions as to what you should do with that money? To be sure you are intentional with those dolla bills and don’t end up wondering where it all went!

What if you could use that tax return to help your family by actually starting to gain traction on your goals?

Think of all the stress it will lift from your shoulders! Think of the excitement and hope you could provide!

Maybe you’re wondering, what is the best way to spend my tax refund? I’m here to tell you that there are at least seven different ways to spend your tax return responsibly AND still keep it exciting and fun! Continue Reading →