March 2017 Monthly Meal Plan & Grocery Haul

How much money do you think meal planning could save your family each month? If you have no idea, use my example of a gauge. 

After our family started meal planning, we were able to lower our food spending by over $300 a month. BUT we were already living pretty frugally! We didn’t eat out that much and we didn’t buy extravagant ingredients to cook at home. Also, we have never drank alcohol or coffee. 

If your family falls into any of those habits, think of how much MORE money you could be savings. Even if you save a minimum of $300 each month, that will save you $3,600 a year! That is huge!

A Healthy Meal Plan that includes FREE PRINTABLES with every recipe you need for an entire month! Not only is this meal plan full of healthy and easy recipes, all these healthy recipes can be made on a $400 monthly grocery budget.

We have figured out how to eat really delicious meals at home, budget in eating out, and keeping our entire month’s worth of food spending under $400 for our family of five!

Can I show you how to do the same thing? 

Meal Planning to Save $1,000s a Year!

THE number one thing that helped us to cut our food spending by thousands a year, is solely attributed to meal planning!

You can read in more detail about how we go about monthly meal planning in this article. You will see exactly how we plan a budget so we are able to spend so much on groceries all at one time.

These printables I am sharing with you are the exact thing I use to keep our meal planning on budget. You can get them for FREE!

Though I have a complete months worth of meals all planned out for your convenience, it is still my suggestion that you print out these blank templates and fill in meals based off of what you already have in you pantry, fridge, and freezer.

You can use this pre-planned meal plan to give you some ideas. Download the meal planning templates by clicking on the image below.

Make sure that you are stacking the savings!

After you have your grocery list in order. Make sure that you are shopping the sales at your local stores and be sure to get as many rebates as possible!

My very favorite and easiest way to get money back from grocery shopping is by using Ibotta! AND if you use my links to sign up, you will get $10 after you claim your first rebate!

It is SO SIMPLE! Get the app, look to see which rebates are available at the specific store you plan to shop at, purchase qualifying products, upload your receipt right into the app, and the cash will be credited to your account!

If you are new to using Ibotta, make sure to use my link to sign up and you will get $10 instantly after you claim your first rebate!

March 2017 Meal Plan

The main change with this month’s meal plan as compared to our previous meal plans is that I tried really hard to stick with “healthier” meals. 

I am determined to break the stigma that eating healthy cost so much money. It sure can if you are not careful.

One tip is to look for coupons specifically through your local store. Sometimes they have them online or in their weekly flyers.

The second tip I have for eating healthy on a budget is to eat what is on sale. Always plan your meals around what food is in season and on sale. That is going to cut your costs a lot!

Before you take a look at the meal plan, please note that I understand there are MANY different opinions on what is healthy. There are SO many different diet restrictions. 

For our family, when I say healthy, that means eating more fruits and veggies and less carbs and processed foods.

You can download this pre-planned meal plan by clicking on the image below.

A Healthy Meal Plan that includes FREE PRINTABLES with every recipe you need for an entire month! Not only is this meal plan full of healthy and easy recipes, all these healthy recipes can be made on a $400 monthly grocery budget.

Day In The Life of a Monthly Grocery Shopper

March 2017 Grocery Haul

Some might be wondering why I am sharing a complete breakdown of what our groceries look like.

Well… it all started when I had several people commenting that they didn’t believe I was able to cook and eat our meal plans for under $400 a month. 

They are so wrong! Our family DOES eat these tasty meals plus snacks, all within our total monthly budget of $400. 

So take a look at this video to get a complete breakdown of cost.

The grocery haul video goes live on YouTube the day following the Meal Plan. So make sure you are subscribed so you don’t miss it tomorrow! 

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