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December 2017 Monthly Meal Plan – 21 Hearty, Quick, & Easy Recipes

Trying to meal plan during the holidays can be extra challenging. Especially when you are looking for quick and easy recipes on a budget. How do you know how many meals to plan for when there are so many unexpected parties and get togethers?

The last thing you want to do is plan meals and purchase groceries only to let them all go to waste because you ended up going to your friends house for a last minute Christmas game night.

Each of these quick and easy recipes on a budget are going to taste amazing when you make them this month! Grab your FREE PRINTABLE meal planner and pick and choose which budget dinner ideas you think your family will love most. Continue Reading →


Unicorn Birthday Party Ideas for Under $50!

Throwing birthday parties is one of my very favorite things to do! Having the chance to make one day completely centered around the birthday girl is an opportunity I can’t say no to! Not to mention all the amazing unicorn birthday party ideas on a budget I wanted to share with you guys!

But you know me, being the frugal fabulous lady I am, I have to set a low budget to give myself a challenge!

Use these magical unicorn birthday party ideas to throw your next party and keep your party budget under $50! That includes everything you need for your unicorn party! The food, the decorations, the games, EVERYTHING! These are the perfect party on a budget tips! Continue Reading →


Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2017 – Gifts for Her Under $25 That Will Make You The New Favorite!

This might be 99% selfish because this mother’s day gift guide is pretty much a wish list for myself. Although, I do consider myself very qualified in creating this gift guide, as I am a mom myself.

BUT… I figured that if this mama finds joy and excitement in every single one of these items, chances are other moms out there will have the same wish and urge to party when she opens up her gift!

But really, all these gift ideas are perfect for any lady in your life for any gift giving occasions!

Pick any one gift (or several because each is under $25!) from the list and consider yourself moved up to the position of the new favorite.

All these gift ideas for her can be easily bought online and for UNDER $25 each! The ideas in this mother’s day gift guide are so unique and thoughtful! It’s hard to choose just one gift idea from the list. It’s really more than a mother’s day gift guide, all the ideas would be perfect gift ideas for her on any occasion! Christmas gift ideas, birthday gift ideas, anniversary gift ideas, this list is amazing! Continue Reading →


How to Make Bath Bombs in 10 Minutes or Less!

Imagine yourself at the end of a long day, slipping into a hot bath filled with gentle bubbles softly massaging your skin. Tell me that doesn’t sound like heaven!

Thanks to the brilliant invention of the bath bomb this is now possible at home. The problem with this though, is that bath bombs at the store cash in around $6-$10. EACH!

That is one expensive bath!

BUT GUESS WHAT? How about I show you how to make bath bombs? How about I show you how to make an entire batch of DIY bath bombs for less than $3 total!

Grapefruit Bath Bomb Recipe that you can make in less than 10 minutes! Not even joking! Plus! All the ingredients for these grapefruit DIY bath bombs wont cost you more than $5 for the entire batch!
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$3 Priceless Pallet Picture Holder

Did you see my post a few days ago about me taking apart 20 pallets? That was a lot of work!

Luckily it paid off big time! Not only was I able to make six large raised planter beds but I have had a nice supply a beautiful wood to feed a few projects over the last year.

This easy project I am going to be sharing today has been something I have had in my mind for a while now and decided to put into action a few weeks ago!

When decorating my home I am finding that I love the look of distressed wood. I also love using family photos to add a little love. Cheesy but true! Put the two ideas together and here you have my new priceless pallet picture holder.

This is a super easy DIY pallet wood project that wont cost you more than a couple dollars and less than an hour of time! Using any pallet wood scraps you have, follow this pallet wood tutorial to create a new piece of frugal and fabulous decor for your home!
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$2 Thrift Store Bulletin Board Makeover


Check out this fun 15 minute bulletin board transformation, what a great way to decorate your home office and help keep you organized!  This DIY cork board is a great way to salvage an old cork board you may have lying around!


Completely blank sits a white wall in my kitchen, just begging for a bulletin board.

I first thought, “Cool, I’ll just go buy a piece of cork board and put fabric over it, call it good.” Well, turns out cork board is not that cheap.

Plan B, keep my eyes open for an old bulletin board to refinish. Turns out, it didn’t take me long to find one at a local thrift store.

Best part, I bought it for only $2! After purchasing the board, fabric, and tacks, I spent total about $8. Not bad at all for a completely custom bulletin board!


Learn how to makeover an old bulletin board in less than 20 minutes and for just a couple bucks! This is the perfect DIY makeover for an old thrift store bulletin board find. Step-by-step directions with tips on where to get the cheapest supplies! Continue Reading →


Dollar Tree Christmas Party Decorations

How much did you spend on the last party you threw? Seriously! How much total do you think you spent on the party? Just take a guess!

Got a number?

Okay, now add $100 to that and that is how much money you actually spent! Most people don’t realize how much they actually spend on a party.

Throwing a party really doesn’t need to cost much money at all! You can look at this darling party I threw for my daughter’s 5th birthday or this construction themed party I threw for my little guy’s 3rd b-day. Both parties I did for around $50 each!

That’s it! That includes food, decorations, party favors, it covers it all!

But today I want to show you what I did to throw a little Christmas party using supplies from the Dollar Tree!

I can’t believe everything she got was from the Dollar Tree! Tips on what to look for at the Dollar Tree for your next Christmas party on a budget. Throw a last minute Dollar Tree Christmas Party with little prep and even less money! Continue Reading →


Gourmet S’mores 3 Ways in 30 Seconds

There is one very specific flavor combination that screams SUMMER TIME!

Let me give you some clues as to what I am talking about.

Perfectly toasted mallow, dreamy smooth, drip off down your fingers melted chocolate, topped off with the crisp bite of the graham.

Have you been transported into the middle of summer yet? You guessed it! We are going to be dreaming about s’mores today!

BEST Quick Gourmet S'mores Recipe! Two ingredients and 30 seconds is all you need for this tasty gourmet s'mores recipe! Continue Reading →


Our One Income Family Budget Update | June 2016

What in the world happened to our family budget updates? Remember I used to be sharing these things every month? Yeah, sorry about that!

The complete honest truth is that I just forgot. Going forward, I don’t plan to share these every single month, but you are more likely to see a scenario of me sharing maybe every other month. Unless something important comes along, then I will share more frequent.

I'll show you how we make our one income family budget work to help you find ways to start budgeting on one income! Motivation to start living on one income. Tips we learned when we had a major financial set back with our family income and family budget.
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