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How to Choose a Quality Mattress on a Small Budget

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Remember when you were a kid and the biggest purchase you had to worry about was which candy bar you were going to invest your dollar in? That one decision could take you a long time! The same thing happens as adults. We can end up being stuck on deciding between different brands but the purchase price is a tad bit higher!

There are a few big purchase items that are necessities when it comes to furnishing your home. You can’t really live without a fridge, you could possibly make due without a washing machine or dishwasher, and a mattress is probably one of those items you can’t live without.  

This family has found the best mattress of 2017 that happens to be one of the cheapest mattress options and it’s delivered to your front door! The family needed to find the best mattress for back pain but on a small budget. Plus she shares tips on how to choose a mattress for anyone in the family. Continue Reading →


5 Tips to Save on Back to School Shopping

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Do you want to know a hack to never pay full price on anything ever again when back to school shopping (or any time)? A secret that will allow you to stop scanning page after page of weekly ads!

This year our family was able to save over $100 on our back to school shopping. I didn’t pay full price on a single item and I didn’t spend a single second scanning the back to school sales!

5 Hacks to never pay full price on anything ever again when it comes time for back to school shopping. My new favorite app that does all the sale searching for you. Tips on the best ways to use the app to save the very most money possible. How to set a budget for back to school shopping. How to know what prices are “good” prices. When’s the best time to jump on a hot sale! Continue Reading →


Best Grocery Rebate App + 5 Tips to Max Your Cash Back!

Meal planning is one of the two lifestyle changes our family made that has helped us get out of $20,000 in debt and has also helped us avoid overdraft fees and actually stick to a budget! One way we maximize our savings with meal planning is by stacking the savings at the grocery store. So let me tell you about my very favorite, and in my opinion, the very best grocery rebate app. 

I use it all the time and talk about it in my monthly grocery hauls and get tons of questions. My very favorite way to get free gift cards using my very favorite rebate app, Ibotta!

The very best rebate app tutorial and in this Ibotta tutorial I am giving you my 5 pro tips on how to get the maximum amount of cash back into your wallet! Make sure to watch all my Ibotta hacks to find out how to get your $10 cash back instantly using my Ibotta reward code! Continue Reading →


January 2017 One Income Family Budget Update

Wouldn’t it be nice to see the exact numbers of another family’s finances? A family who has successfully paid off over $20,000 of debt on one income. A family who has found a way to live on one income in one of the most expensive cities in the USA.

I know that’s what I wished for back when we were trying to figure out how to make a budget that actually worked for our family.

Which is why we have started sharing our real life family finances with you! Every single month I get on here and lay it all out there, holding nothing back. You can learn how to live on one income by learning from our trial and error to help you achieve your financial goals even faster!

See the real life numbers of our one income family who has made it work in an expensive city, paid off over $20,000 in debt, and is currently putting away hundreds of dollars a month to save to buy their first home. You can learn how to live on one income by learning from our trial and error to help you achieve your financial goals even faster! Continue Reading →


January 2017 FREE Meal Plan & $150 Monthly Grocery Haul Breakdown

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What does it look like when a family of five eats on only $400 a month? That’s exactly what our family does! A lot of times, we don’t even use the entire months budget!

You might imagine that we eat the same boring meals month after month. Top-ramen, chicken, and grilled cheese are what you might think are our staples.

If that is what you believe it takes to make a $400 monthly grocery budget work, then you are wrong! (Not to be rude! Sorry if that’s how that came across in writing. Xoxo)

This is why I love to share our monthly meal plan and grocery haul with you. To prove that eating delicious food on a super tight budget is 100% doable!

Only $250 monthly grocery budget for a family of five! Here is a look at exactly what this family spent on groceries for an entire month, plus, how they did their meal planning on a budget. AND she shows you how to meal plan on a budget yourself using a FREE Meal Planning on a Budget Toolkit Printables! Continue Reading →


December 2016 One Income Family Budget Update

The last month of the year! How has your budget been this year? Did you finish where you wanted?

I would say that my hubby and I are happy with where we ended the year. We don’t have exactly the amount of savings we were hoping for, but if you check out November’s One Income Family Budget Update you will know that we made a decision (on purpose) that we knew would leave our budget where it currently sits.

We are totally okay with that!

And let’s not forget about how our family finished paying off over $20,000 of debt this year! We put in a lot of hard work to become debt free! Lot’s of overtime worked by hubby, strategic budgeting and meal planning, and careful cash spending.

A simple one income family budget helped to save over $5,000 in only two months! Learn how this family has been able to save money for a house, in an expensive city, on just one income. It’s not complicated at all! Here are the exact numbers from our family bank account! Continue Reading →


January 2017 No Spend Month Invitation

I want to invite to you save hundreds of dollars with me next month!

Do you want to know how you are going to do it? Easily, with a no spend month!

The first time our family did a no spend month, I was shocked at how easily we saved over $500! That was on an already super frugal budget.

Imagine how much money could save! I would not be surprised if most of you save over $1,000 by joining our family in a no spend month!

Check out this video to get more details on January 2017 no spend month and exactly why our family is doing it.

Continue Reading →


8 Secret Strategies to Saving Big at Target

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There is ALWAYS a way to save at Target. Doesn’t matter what department you are in, you can always save some moo-la!

Doesn’t that just make you completely have a Jerry Maguire type crush on Target… “You complete me!” or “You had me at hello!” That is exactly how I feel every time I walk into this blessed store!

With the holidays here and all the shopping you are going to be doing, it’s even more important to save. THOUGH, all of these tips will help max out your savings at Target ALL YEAR long!

Secret tips exposed on how to take advantage of the NEWEST ways to majorly save on your next trip to Target! You are spending way more than you need if you aren’t using these tips on how to save money at Target! Continue Reading →