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We Bought Our First House!

This post is sponsored by HelloFresh. Thank you so much for supporting Pennies Into Pearls by using my links. xoxo

Whew! We made it! We are all moved in! This picture right here is real life in all its glory! Kennedy and I got super sick four days before moving day and then Oliver got super sick the day we picked up our moving truck. It was a little crazy but we are home at last!

The kids were not feeling the picture situation so hubby and I decided to document the occasion with smiles on our own! haha!


Make sure to watch both videos below to see what our moving week looked like PLUS a bonus video this week all about our first week as homeowners! What are your real life memories from moving? Share them in the comments. 

In these two vlogs we share tips on getting packed up and ready to move. Also all the unplanned expenses of moving in and a few surprises that came with our move. Here is a clue… SNOW in San Diego!!!

With all the craziness of being sick on top of the craziness of buying our first home and moving, I am so grateful we planned our order of HelloFresh into our meal planning his month! It takes all the planning, shopping, and prep work out of cooking and just leaves the fun of crating a gourmet meal! 

You can use the code PENNIES30 to get $30 off our first order with HelloFresh!


Moving Week!

Our First Seek as Homeowners!

Thanks for coming on this journey with us! Let me know all the things you want to know about buying a house down in the comments! I am working hard at getting all the info together to share with you!

Talk to you soon! xoxo


4 Steps on How to Plan a Vacation on a Budget | Real Life Costa Rica Vacation Budget Breakdown

Hubby and I just went on the most amazing Costa Rica vacation! Eight days of pure heaven on earth. The rain forest, wild monkeys, quiet beaches, exotic wildlife, peaceful hot springs, and views that never get old.

That all sounds like an expensive vacation but we were able to make our 10 year wedding anniversary unforgettable on a limited budget. I want to show you how we did it so you can do the same thing too!

Follow these four SIMPLE STEPS on how to plan a vacation on a budget and start planning your vacation today! Your dream vacation is 100% doable when you learn how to travel on a budget. This girl shares real life numbers of exactly what her family spent on their Costa Rica dream vacation!

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How to Make Bath Bombs in 10 Minutes or Less!

Imagine yourself at the end of a long day, slipping into a hot bath filled with gentle bubbles softly massaging your skin. Tell me that doesn’t sound like heaven!

Thanks to the brilliant invention of the bath bomb this is now possible at home. The problem with this though, is that bath bombs at the store cash in around $6-$10. EACH!

That is one expensive bath!

BUT GUESS WHAT? How about I show you how to make bath bombs? How about I show you how to make an entire batch of DIY bath bombs for less than $3 total!

Grapefruit Bath Bomb Recipe that you can make in less than 10 minutes! Not even joking! Plus! All the ingredients for these grapefruit DIY bath bombs wont cost you more than $5 for the entire batch!
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$2 Thrift Store Bulletin Board Makeover


Check out this fun 15 minute bulletin board transformation, what a great way to decorate your home office and help keep you organized!  This DIY cork board is a great way to salvage an old cork board you may have lying around!


Completely blank sits a white wall in my kitchen, just begging for a bulletin board.

I first thought, “Cool, I’ll just go buy a piece of cork board and put fabric over it, call it good.” Well, turns out cork board is not that cheap.

Plan B, keep my eyes open for an old bulletin board to refinish. Turns out, it didn’t take me long to find one at a local thrift store.

Best part, I bought it for only $2! After purchasing the board, fabric, and tacks, I spent total about $8. Not bad at all for a completely custom bulletin board!


Learn how to makeover an old bulletin board in less than 20 minutes and for just a couple bucks! This is the perfect DIY makeover for an old thrift store bulletin board find. Step-by-step directions with tips on where to get the cheapest supplies! Continue Reading →


DIY Dollar Store Ombre Glitter Centerpieces

Here is the challenge, put together 12 centerpieces, all for under $20. At first thought it might sound completely doable, but if you have ever thrown a party before, you know that those party expenses can add up super quick!

If you do the math, that makes each centerpiece $1.67, now does this sound a little more of a challenge? Don’t let that discourage you! I am going to show you the very best strategies for throwing a party on a budget!

I love all the tips this girl shares on how to throw a fabulous party on a budget! You would never guess that these glitter obmre flower vases were all made with supplies from the dollar store! LOVE these ideas for dollar tree party décor! Continue Reading →