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8 Secret Strategies to Saving Big at Target

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There is ALWAYS a way to save at Target. Doesn’t matter what department you are in, you can always save some moo-la!

Doesn’t that just make you completely have a Jerry Maguire type crush on Target… “You complete me!” or “You had me at hello!” That is exactly how I feel every time I walk into this blessed store!

With the holidays here and all the shopping you are going to be doing, it’s even more important to save. THOUGH, all of these tips will help max out your savings at Target ALL YEAR long!

Secret tips exposed on how to take advantage of the NEWEST ways to majorly save on your next trip to Target! You are spending way more than you need if you aren’t using these tips on how to save money at Target! Continue Reading →


Meal Planning on a Budget – FREE Printable Toolkit

When you are really good friends with someone, you want to do nice things for them. Which is why… ta-da! I have put together this meal planning on a budget toolkit for you, my Pearls! 

This is the exact method our family uses for meal planning on a budget that has saved us over $6,000 this last year! That is based off of an already frugal lifestyle. If your family is in the beginning stages of cutting your expenses, I am sure you will be able to save even more money then we have!

Stay on budget and organized with this FREE PRINTABLE Meal Planning on a Budget Toolkit. Easily save over $500 this month by using this step-by-step guide on how to meal plan on a budget. This is the exact system our family of five uses to save thousands of dollars each year, simply through meal planning!
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The Trick to Affording a New Wardrobe When You’re Broke

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You know how they talk about the many many MANY hats of a mom. The chef, the chauffer, the nurse, the teacher, the counselor, the doctor, and the list really is endless.

Well, who has the cash to pay for all those outfits? Not this girl! That’s for sure!

The good news is that there is a simple solution to help you dress the part of carpool in the morning and flawlessly transition for a hot hubby date night! All with making a few simple tweaks to a must have closet staple.

This simple idea to find new and cheap outfit ideas will help you create an entire new wardrobe! There is one easy thing you can do to afford a new wardrobe and it’s probably not what you think. Finding cheap outfit ideas for winter, spring, summer, or fall, wont be a problem even if your budget is tight! Continue Reading →


Beginners Guide to the Cash Envelope System

Dang it! We did it again! Oh no, another $30 overdraft fee! Why are we always over spending?

This scenario was recurring way too often in our bank account. We would think we were staying on budget but the reality was, we really had no idea where all our money was going.

Every month, three days before the next pay day, I would send a frantic text to my husband, “Don’t spend another penny! We only have $18 left!” Then some months, it was too little too late.

Pending purchases would push us over the edge and we would end up paying overdraft fees. Getting us ever further behind on the next pay periods spending! Ugh!

I am so sorry if this dramatic reenactment sounds all too familiar for you.

The good news is that we eventually figured it out! In fact, we are actually an entire month ahead of our bills now! We haven’t had overdrafted our bank account in over a year!

Can you imagine how wonderful that feels? How completely freeing it is to have your spending under control! Looking at our budget no longer provokes tense conversations or anxiety driven swipes of our debit card.

Who wants a taste of this financial freedom!?Start a budget today fast and easy without complicated paperwork. Use this simple guide to the cash envelope system and find your financial freedom today! Continue Reading →


How to Save Money Today – 5 Frugal Habits

Let’s see… save for our first house, get some new clothes, save for an amazing vacation, or maybe go out on a really fun date night!

What would you do if you could drastically cut your spending?

Get planning because today you can start saving $500 a month with these 5 frugal habits.

Are you ready to stop making excuses and start learning how to save money today? Not tomorrow, not next year, but actually how to save money to-day!

I’m sure there is a long list of reasons as to why these five frugal habits shouldn’t work for our family. But guess what, instead of trying to justify my laziness, I put my head down, do a little extra work, and magically our family has figured out how to save money, even when there isn’t a lot of money coming in!

Save $500/mo with these 5 Quick Tips. I love her budget tips especially the one on how to use YouTube to save money. It all adds up really quickly to help you cut spending and save more money!
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4 Baby Steps to Saving Hundreds Each Month – Tips for Saving Money at ANY Store

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Heart is rapidly beating, clammy hands, drips of sweat gathering on my forehead.

Don’t worry, it’s nothing too serious! This is what happens as I head for the checkout when I know I am going to be paying full price. It’s horrible!

It hasn’t always been this way. There once was a day when I would walk into the store and just buy whatever I wanted or thought we needed. I didn’t pay attention to the price then casually placed everything into my shopping cart.

No, I wasn’t made of money. I actually had a lot less money then I do now. I wasn’t shopping smart and hadn’t quiet mastered these ways to save money yet.

I just cannot stand paying full price for anything and I am pleading with you now, PLEASE don’t pay full price!

Her tip on how to get EXTRA CASH back, using apps, is my favorite tip on how to save money! I love how all of these tips can work at ANY STORE and require zero to minimal prep work! Easy ways to save money! Continue Reading →


5 Horrible Money Mistakes Made in Your 20s

All three of my siblings got married this year! Kinda crazy right! It’s been a bit of a busy year. But incredibly awesome!! Our family has pretty much doubled! So. Much. Fun!!

SO! Me being the oldest sibling and about to leave my 20’s, say what!!! I can’t help but think about all the things I wish I had done differently.

First years on your own, FREEDOM! Livin’ the college life! Late night runs to the drive thru. First years of marriage. Kids. A lot happens in your 20s! Which can make a statement on your bank account if you’re not careful!

Your 20s are a time in your life where you learn a lot about growing up and living on your own. Unfortunately, a lot of times those lessons are learned the hard way.

I am the type of person who loves to hear others advice. I don’t always take it but I definitely will learn from it. I hope that’s what these five financial cautions can offer you.

Even if you are a little past your 20s, maybe you can relate and have made these money mistakes when you were in your 20s. Are you making these mistakes even now that you are out of your 20s?

It’s never to late to change! Following these five guidelines to avoid money mistakes and they will help you no matter what your age is.

5 money mistakes millennials can learn from now so they can be ahead of the game later! A letter of love to my younger siblings to help them learn from my own money mistakes. Continue Reading →