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February 2018 FREE Meal Plan & Grocery Haul

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It feels SO good! Maybe you noticed? There wasn’t a free meal plan or grocery haul up in January. That is because WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!

I really prepared for this move (we were in escrow for three months so we had the time…) by budgeting to eat out occasionally and a freezer full of freezer dinners ready to be thrown in the oven!

It’s back! After a month of no meal planning and living off freezer meals, I have a brand new monthly meal plan ready to share with you Pearls! Bringing you this monthly FREE PRINTABLE meal plan! This is the perfect way to do meal planning for families and to save money on groceries! You can also use this monthly meal plan to do your meal planning for the week! I’m sharing all my meal planning tips for beginners! Continue Reading →


December 2017 Monthly Meal Plan – 21 Hearty, Quick, & Easy Recipes

Trying to meal plan during the holidays can be extra challenging. Especially when you are looking for quick and easy recipes on a budget. How do you know how many meals to plan for when there are so many unexpected parties and get togethers?

The last thing you want to do is plan meals and purchase groceries only to let them all go to waste because you ended up going to your friends house for a last minute Christmas game night.

Each of these quick and easy recipes on a budget are going to taste amazing when you make them this month! Grab your FREE PRINTABLE meal planner and pick and choose which budget dinner ideas you think your family will love most. Continue Reading →


November 2017 Meal Plan & Grocery Haul | Grocery Shopping on a Budget

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When you are grocery shopping on a budget, navigating the grocery world can become redundant and boring. Mindlessly walking through the aisles, buying the same boring food that you did last time.

That’s why I personally LOVE seeing what other families put on their meal plans and what products they choose when they shop at places like Costco.

This month our goals in grocery shopping on a budget were to try our best to stay away from foods that were overly processed and stick with products that contained more natural ingredients. All while sticking to our monthly grocery shopping budget of $300.

$400 November 2017 Monthly Meal Plan | How to Meal Plan on a Budget Continue Reading →


A Frugal Girls Review of HelloFresh

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Who wants a giant package full of healthy and delicious food delivered right to your front door?

Who doesn’t want to think about what to make for dinner?

Who is ready to have someone do all the hard work for you

Wrap all those things up into one cute white and green box and you have successfully described my experience with my first try of HelloFresh!

Coming from a woman who doesn’t spend more than $5 PER MEAL, this is my opinion if a meal delivery service offers any savings. Here are 3 surprising ways they save you money! Continue Reading →


September 2017 Meal Plan & Grocery Haul – 19 Quick and Easy Dinner Recipes

When life gets busy, the last thing on your mind is what you’re cooking for dinner! 5pm very rudely sneaks up on us moms! Which is why in this month’s meal plan I have rounded up 19 quick and easy dinner recipes on a budget!

School is back in session! How do you feel about that? I’m the mom that feels completely torn, a mess of emotions!

Happy to be back to a schedule. Happy for a few less hours a day of the kids bugging each other. But man! I do miss those guys when they are away all day!

19 quick and easy dinner recipes helping make back to school season less stressful! A FREE PRINTABLE monthly meal plan full of quick and easy dinner ideas that even your picky eater will love! Plus, every easy dinner recipe in this meal plan on a budget will help you save money! Continue Reading →


August 2017 Monthly Meal Plan & Grocery Haul – 20 Easy Grilling Recipes

Dang! When it’s cookin’ outside there is no way I want to be cooking inside! Which is why in this month’s recipe roundup I am featuring as many easy grilling recipes as I can that can be cooked outside.

The house we are currently renting (read about our journey to buying our first house here) has no AC, which leaves the inside temp usually hovering around 90 degrees.

Hence, all the grilling recipes I have rounded up for you this month!

Finding cheap dinner recipes that your entire family will love doesn’t have to be a challenge. Here is a FREE PRINTABLE MEAL PLAN full of 20 cheap easy grilling recipes for picky eaters! Plus, each of these easy grilling recipes can be prepped and served in 30 minutes or less! Continue Reading →