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How to Start Budgeting


How to Get One Month Ahead of Your Bills in Less Than 30 Days

The bills keep on coming! Unless you are an extreme minimalist who lives off your own land and built your own self-sufficient solar energy system, you are pretty much guaranteed every single month to have to pay up.

And even if you are such a minimalist, you are still going to have to pay land taxes.

Though, that type of self-sustaining life does sound a bit nice. Doesn’t it?

My point is, for the majority of us, we have to pay the bills! This mandatory task can become extremely stressful when you are living paycheck-to-paycheck.

How to Get One Month Ahead of Your Bills and Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck Continue Reading →


How to Start a Budget That Won’t Fail

Starting your budget over again? Wondering why your budget isn’t working? When in the world will you be able to get ahead?

About five years ago my hubby and I would find us wondering the same things ever single time we got paid.

Living paycheck to paycheck was getting exhausting and it felt like we would never be able to claw our way out of the endless money pit we were sinking in.

Are you confused on how to start a budget? Have you tried to start a budget before but never figured out how to stick with it? Here are 6 super simple steps on how to start a budget that is customized to your personal finances making it super realistic and easy to follow! Continue Reading →


A Shopaholic’s Guide to Becoming Debt Free – First Ever Book Club Party Announcement!

I have a fun idea for us to hang out!

What do you think about once a week, we get together, eat something super tasty, pretend like we don’t care how many calories we are devouring, and all the while we have some heavy (in a fun way!) girl talk going on!?

The chitchat will all be centered on a few chapters taken from the current book that we are obsessing over.

Doesn’t that sound super fun! I’m a lot excited about it! What a great way for us to better get to know each other?

Our first book is THE PERFECT read for someone who needs a heavy dose of shopaholic’s anonymous! It’s for someone whose desire to spend is borderline addiction.

You need to break the pattern of endless online shopping and figure out how to pay off debt quickly so you can get your financial freedom back! Fresh air! Actionable steps you can take today to get out debt and take back control of your spending! Continue Reading →


Starting Your Pretty Penny Budget – Free Budget Template

Everyone always talks about their “budget”. Sure I heard it all the time and I even used the word myself, but I don’t think I really understood how to use a budget until the last couple years.

I instantly have anxiety when I think about how my husband and I used to run our finances when we were in college. We would do things like pick an apartment based on nothing else other than what we “thought” we could afford. We never sat down to look at our income and actually run the numbers. Stressful to think about!

After many “lesson learned” experiences we have a system going for us right now that works pretty good. It’s not perfect but very helpful and a huge stress reliever. When finances run smoothly (this doesn’t mean we have a lot of money, just that we manage it better) it’s amazing how other things in life run better.

Pretty Penny Budget Template - - Free digital budget template to make starting your budget and keeping track of your monthly budget and bills easy! Continue Reading →