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Our Family Budget


Our Family’s Monthly Grocery Budget

What would your monthly grocery budget look like if you spent it all in one day? That is exactly what I do for our family every single month and I want to teach you how to do the same thing! It’s all part of living the Pearl Life!

Why would you want to do that? Well I guess you wouldn’t be interested in learning this life changing mom strategy if you don’t want to save thousands of dollars each year…

Oh you do!? I kinda thought you might be interested to see what our monthly grocery budget strategy looks like. How about I share some real life numbers with ya?

What would your monthly grocery budget look like if you spent it all in one day? Creating a monthly grocery budget strategy SAVES YOU THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS each year because you will be eliminating unplanned trips to the store to pay full price which also eliminates impulse purchases at check out! Continue Reading →


Getting Started on a Budget – Our Family’s Budget Basics

When it comes to getting started on a budget that you will actually stick with, there are a few budget basics that need to be established. It’s super simple and you can probably get this done in just a few minutes! I’ll show ya how!

Our family has had to learn the hard way with getting our personal finances on track, but that doesn’t mean you have to!

Learn from our mistakes and our wins and skip the hard part! I am sharing our real numbers today in hopes of painting a clearer picture to help you as you are getting started on a budget.

What you need to do is put yourself in the same shoes and ask yourself the same questions. These budget tips for beginners will help you set the basic groundwork for creating a hugely successful family budget that will not fail!

7 essential basic tips of budgeting for beginners. Get a crystal clear example of getting started on a budget by looking at the real life family finances of a middle class family living in one of the most expensive cities in the US. These budgeting tips for beginners will help you start a budget with motivation and the tools necessary to stay on budget. Continue Reading →


November 2017 Family Finances Budget Update – How to Quickly Correct Your Money Mistakes

I’m about to share with you the real life numbers that make up our family finances. BUT I made a mistake. A mistake that cost us money. A mistake that I promised myself would never happen again!

You will have to watch the video (below) to find out what the mistake was and how we plan to correct it for the future. Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel!

This is your opportunity to look at the real life numbers of another family’s finances! Learn from their money mistakes to help build a strong family budget. She shares tips on how to learn from your money mistakes and how to start a budget that won’t fail! Continue Reading →


October 2017 Family Budget Update – BIG Changes Coming Soon!

There are big changes coming to our family budget! We are in the middle of escrow on our first house ever! You can read more about our house hunt here.

We will be more than doubling what we pay for rent with our new mortgage payment (including taxes, PMI, and insurance). That means we need to make some changes with our budget.


How to Budget for Beginners - What a Budget for a Family of 5 Looks LikeThe best thing is that because we have already lowered our expenses, paid off all our debt, and have been putting thousands of dollars in savings each month, the change won’t affect on our lifestyle much at all! Continue Reading →


September 2017 Real Life Family Budget Update

The key to keeping a budget that you can actually stick to, is to keep it evolving with your family. As much as I’m sure you would love to “set it and forget it”, that’s just not realistic. But the good news is that updating your budget is not hard at all! That’s what I am showing you in this month’s budget update!

We have some major changes coming up in relation to our family finances! As in, we hopefully will be buying a house!!! Fingers crossed! Be sure to keep up to date on our house hunt updates and to get all the details in real-time by following me on Instagram.

This new change will increase our “rent” from $1,200 a month to just around $2,800 a month. Super crazy!

Real Life Family Budget Update Continue Reading →


August 2017 Real Life Budget Update – $2,182 Saved!

It’s that time of the month again where we vulnerably open up our bank account and share with you in our budget update everything that went in and out of our real life budget over the last 30 days.

With hubby’s schedule changing it is leaving even less time for date nights or family time where all five of us can be together at the same time. It’s things like this that have always caused speed bumps in our budget in unexpected ways.

How a simple one REAL LIFE family budget helped pay off almost $20,000 in debt in less than one year and now puts over $2,000 into savings each month! If you are overwhelmed by debt and are trying to live on one income, learn from this family how to pay off debt quick and start working towards your savings goals! Learn how to save money on a small budget! Continue Reading →