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10 Holiday Shopping Money Saving Tips Every Mom Needs to Know!

Thanks so much to Annabelle from the blog Wunderlabel for sharing all her holiday shopping money savings tips with us!

Tis the season and that means it’s time to give gifts to all your family and friends. However, that ache in your wallet can be relieved a bit when it comes to buying presents and preparing.

Before you get your bows and tags out, there are some holiday shopping money savings tips that we have for you save the very most money this season! In this article, make sure to give every tip serious consideration. It’s the little changes to spending habits that make a big impact on your wallet.

10 Holiday Shopping Money Saving TIps Every Mom Needs to Know! 10 Holiday Shopping Money Saving TIps Every Mom Needs to Know! Continue Reading →


December 2017 Monthly Meal Plan – 21 Hearty, Quick, & Easy Recipes

Trying to meal plan during the holidays can be extra challenging. Especially when you are looking for quick and easy recipes on a budget. How do you know how many meals to plan for when there are so many unexpected parties and get togethers?

The last thing you want to do is plan meals and purchase groceries only to let them all go to waste because you ended up going to your friends house for a last minute Christmas game night.

Each of these quick and easy recipes on a budget are going to taste amazing when you make them this month! Grab your FREE PRINTABLE meal planner and pick and choose which budget dinner ideas you think your family will love most. Continue Reading →


October 2017 Family Budget Update – BIG Changes Coming Soon!

There are big changes coming to our family budget! We are in the middle of escrow on our first house ever! You can read more about our house hunt here.

We will be more than doubling what we pay for rent with our new mortgage payment (including taxes, PMI, and insurance). That means we need to make some changes with our budget.


How to Budget for Beginners - What a Budget for a Family of 5 Looks LikeThe best thing is that because we have already lowered our expenses, paid off all our debt, and have been putting thousands of dollars in savings each month, the change won’t affect on our lifestyle much at all! Continue Reading →


November 2017 Meal Plan & Grocery Haul | Grocery Shopping on a Budget

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When you are grocery shopping on a budget, navigating the grocery world can become redundant and boring. Mindlessly walking through the aisles, buying the same boring food that you did last time.

That’s why I personally LOVE seeing what other families put on their meal plans and what products they choose when they shop at places like Costco.

This month our goals in grocery shopping on a budget were to try our best to stay away from foods that were overly processed and stick with products that contained more natural ingredients. All while sticking to our monthly grocery shopping budget of $300.

$400 November 2017 Monthly Meal Plan | How to Meal Plan on a Budget Continue Reading →


September 2017 Real Life Family Budget Update

The key to keeping a budget that you can actually stick to, is to keep it evolving with your family. As much as I’m sure you would love to “set it and forget it”, that’s just not realistic. But the good news is that updating your budget is not hard at all! That’s what I am showing you in this month’s budget update!

We have some major changes coming up in relation to our family finances! As in, we hopefully will be buying a house!!! Fingers crossed! Be sure to keep up to date on our house hunt updates and to get all the details in real-time by following me on Instagram.

This new change will increase our “rent” from $1,200 a month to just around $2,800 a month. Super crazy!

Real Life Family Budget Update Continue Reading →


First Time Home Buyer Update #2 – Putting in an Offer

The first time home buyer process is no joke! At the time of recording of this house hunt update, it has been about seven months since we started looking to buy our first home.

Though the process is going slow for us (because we have high goals in a challenging market!), we are learning a lot about a bunch of different programs. In today’s first time home buyer house hunt update, I explain how a FHA 203k loan can help pay the costs of remodeling.

What goes into putting an offer in on a house? One of the top first time home buyer questions answered in simple terms. What goes into buying your first home? What types of first time home buyer programs are available? This family is sharing everything they learn along their first time home buying journey! Continue Reading →


How to Choose a Quality Mattress on a Small Budget

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Remember when you were a kid and the biggest purchase you had to worry about was which candy bar you were going to invest your dollar in? That one decision could take you a long time! The same thing happens as adults. We can end up being stuck on deciding between different brands but the purchase price is a tad bit higher!

There are a few big purchase items that are necessities when it comes to furnishing your home. You can’t really live without a fridge, you could possibly make due without a washing machine or dishwasher, and a mattress is probably one of those items you can’t live without.  

This family has found the best mattress of 2017 that happens to be one of the cheapest mattress options and it’s delivered to your front door! The family needed to find the best mattress for back pain but on a small budget. Plus she shares tips on how to choose a mattress for anyone in the family. Continue Reading →


A Frugal Girls Review of HelloFresh

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Who wants a giant package full of healthy and delicious food delivered right to your front door?

Who doesn’t want to think about what to make for dinner?

Who is ready to have someone do all the hard work for you

Wrap all those things up into one cute white and green box and you have successfully described my experience with my first try of HelloFresh!

Coming from a woman who doesn’t spend more than $5 PER MEAL, this is my opinion if a meal delivery service offers any savings. Here are 3 surprising ways they save you money! Continue Reading →