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Unicorn Birthday Party Ideas for Under $50!

Throwing birthday parties is one of my very favorite things to do! Having the chance to make one day completely centered around the birthday girl is an opportunity I can’t say no to! Not to mention all the amazing unicorn birthday party ideas on a budget I wanted to share with you guys!

But you know me, being the frugal fabulous lady I am, I have to set a low budget to give myself a challenge!

Use these magical unicorn birthday party ideas to throw your next party and keep your party budget under $50! That includes everything you need for your unicorn party! The food, the decorations, the games, EVERYTHING! These are the perfect party on a budget tips! Continue Reading →


Dollar Tree Christmas Party Decorations

How much did you spend on the last party you threw? Seriously! How much total do you think you spent on the party? Just take a guess!

Got a number?

Okay, now add $100 to that and that is how much money you actually spent! Most people don’t realize how much they actually spend on a party.

Throwing a party really doesn’t need to cost much money at all! You can look at this darling party I threw for my daughter’s 5th birthday or this construction themed party I threw for my little guy’s 3rd b-day. Both parties I did for around $50 each!

That’s it! That includes food, decorations, party favors, it covers it all!

But today I want to show you what I did to throw a little Christmas party using supplies from the Dollar Tree!

I can’t believe everything she got was from the Dollar Tree! Tips on what to look for at the Dollar Tree for your next Christmas party on a budget. Throw a last minute Dollar Tree Christmas Party with little prep and even less money! Continue Reading →


A Shopaholic’s Guide to Becoming Debt Free – First Ever Book Club Party Announcement!

I have a fun idea for us to hang out!

What do you think about once a week, we get together, eat something super tasty, pretend like we don’t care how many calories we are devouring, and all the while we have some heavy (in a fun way!) girl talk going on!?

The chitchat will all be centered on a few chapters taken from the current book that we are obsessing over.

Doesn’t that sound super fun! I’m a lot excited about it! What a great way for us to better get to know each other?

Our first book is THE PERFECT read for someone who needs a heavy dose of shopaholic’s anonymous! It’s for someone whose desire to spend is borderline addiction.

You need to break the pattern of endless online shopping and figure out how to pay off debt quickly so you can get your financial freedom back! Fresh air! Actionable steps you can take today to get out debt and take back control of your spending! Continue Reading →


Dump Truck Construction Birthday Party Ideas

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When birthday season for our family comes around, every year I say to myself, “This year we are going to do a small family pizza dinner with cake and that’s it!” But as the big day approaches and the excitement builds, I can’t help myself and the party planning begins!

Have you realized how much fun little boys are? Noise with dirt on it, is a very accurate description of our little guys and oh how much I love them!

Which is why it was so appropriate that we went with a dump truck construction zone birthday party theme!

 BEST Boys Birthday Party Ideas! Tips on how to throw a boys birthday party for cheap! Construction zone boys birthday party is one of the most fun parties we have ever had! Continue Reading →


Get Your Shine on Link Party – Tasty, Crafty, & Smart

Hey hey hey! Are you excited about this weeks link party!? So many fun ideas to take a look at! 

How is your week going? Are you joining in on the Living Well Spending Zero Challenge this month with me? 

Let me just say that it is going way better then I thought it was going to. My favorite part so far is that I can feel myself breaking the habit of automatically buying something because it’s easier. I have been making a lot of homemade snacks and breads. Y-um!  Continue Reading →