5 Most Overpriced Snacks at the Movies

Are you someone who loves to go to the movies? Do you love to go see the latest flick the very night it opens? I am a person who would love to do that but going to the movies is crazy expensive. We usually only go to the theaters if we have been given a gift card. On a very rare occasion we will pay full price if there is a movie that we just cannot wait to watch at home.

Overpriced Snacks at the Movies - penniesintopearls.com - Make sure to skip the line on these most overpriced snacks at the movies!

Huge price markup!
No matter if you are someone who is at the movies all the time or someone who is an occasional viewer, you know you have to have your snacks! It almost seems like it should be illegal to go to the movies without snacks in hand. The problem, if you buy your treats at the theater you are going to be paying a huge mark up in price!

Bring your own snacks!
Now I know that a lot of theaters do not allow you to bring in your own snacks. Understandably so, they are making a huge profit on their concessions! But I have found that movie theaters that are specifically in shopping centers or in malls don’t have such strict rules.

If you have an option try to find a movie playing at a theater that doesn’t care if you bring in your own food. Because I am about to tell you about the very most overpriced snacks at the movies and you won’t be able to stomach paying their prices anymore!

Don’t buy these snacks at the movies!

If it’s allowed you will want to bring in your own snacks to avoid buying these 5 snacks:

You Pay:                   At the theater     At the store
1. Popcorn               $6.30 small        $0.33 per bag
2. Drinks                 $4.50 large         $0.25 per can/bottle
3. Hot dogs             $5.00 per dog    $0.15 per dog
4. Candy                  $4.00                   $1.00
5. Nachos                $6.50                   $0.75

*All of these prices are based off of my local theater prices and an average cost to buy the product at the grocery store.

In my mind there really is nothing that can justify me paying a 300% markup on something. There is nothing fancy about the food that is being served. It might even be safe to say that the product being provided is very bottom of the line when it comes to quality.

So either skip the snacks and eat before or after the movie or if the theater allows it bring in your own. Don’t fall for the trap!

What do you think?
Do you like to buy snacks when you are at the movies? Do you get buyers remorse after a single trip to the movies ends up costing you close to $50! Let me know in the comments below. Let’s chat!

Overpriced Snacks at the Movies - penniesintopearls.com - Make sure to skip the line on these most overpriced snacks at the movies!

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